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  1. Trevor says:

    Well presented. Entertaining and funny while presenting the real-climate-science. Good to see you getting some screen time.

  2. arn says:

    Best part starts around min 33, where real science meets co2 nonsense in a way woke science pretends to be,
    when it becomes Diverse and Inclusive(I still fail to understand what Equity really means, so I’ll ignore it.)

    Because it finally respects ,acknowledges and includes a wide variety of factors(which are all magnitudes bigger than co2) like the sun,cloudes,cosmic rays, magnetic fields in terms of climate instead of reducing it to the extremely primitive dumbed down co2 fairy-tale.

    One thing this documentary needs is a warning at around 2 :00,
    when Will Happer talks about ” a crisis to justify a global government “.
    There need to be some kind of Banner syying the he is not talking about Covid 🙂

  3. Bill says:

    Thanks so much for putting this on your site; what a great resource! Fantastic experts, good professional production values, anyone can watch this video and learn from it. It’s calmly informative, but packs a real warning.

    Well done!

  4. Russell Cook says:

    FYI, the monster complaint filed to the UK’s Ofcom broadcast communications regulator in 2007 about “The Great Global Warming Swindle” by a guy named Dave Rado may actually have been a effort done instead by the combo of Wikipropaganda’s William Connolley and U.S. people, possibly by Greenpeace USA’s Kert Davies and his pals. I covered that problem in my 7-part 2016 GelbspanFiles series, the links to each of my posts are in my “Summary for Policymakers: The Connolley Problem” ( ) In my Part 3 post ( ), for example, I don’t see how ‘private citizen Rado’ could have possibly bashed out his 176 page Ofcom complaint in the span of time he had to do so. From day 1 to day 95, with 66,000+ words in between – to use a fun movie line – “not enough runway” ( ).

  5. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I just started it, and love it. I was on the phone and want to see it on the big screen, so I’ll get back to it tonight. Already passed it on to my brother, but the people it needs to be passed to are the ones who you know won’t watch it. Pass it to them anyway, and try to get them to watch it. If one in ten opens their eyes, then it is a huge success. Maybe pass it to your local Republican half-wit representative, and maybe they’ll quit conceding so much ground to the Democrats.
    It’s like Musk and Lemon. Lemon says, “The US was founded on slavery.” No, it was not. Slavery was inherited from the British Empire. The US was founded amid slavery, not on slavery. It was founded on free enterprise, among other things, and it eliminated slavery much more quickly than many others did.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      Now how to get it out to all my liberal friends and, harder still, get them to listen long enough to learn something.

    • prion bat trick says:

      easy now bro with your blaming the brits for slavery. that is very black and white and mind numbingly simple. also wrong

  6. Reid says:

    Excellent anti-propaganda film.

    Nomination for best supporting interviewee in a documentary: Tony Heller

  7. Van Hargraves MD says:

    Great movie. Professor Ford at UCSB in the mid 70’s called this in my environmental chemistry class. He meticulously showed us mathematically how alternative energies would never work yet 40 years later the elite are trying to force the developing world to use dung rather than bring themselves out of poverty. Read Eco-Imperialism: Green Poower,Black Death for more on these subjects.

  8. John says:

    It seems to me that ‘climate science’ is just a modern version of Lysenkoism.
    The politically protected narrative of carbon dioxide causing catastrophic climate change requires the rejection of objective physical evidence and this is currently achieved by institutions in supposedly open and free democratic societies by the same mechanisms that the communists of the Soviet Union used to enforce their preferred narrative.
    In the Soviet Union, agriculture suffered substantially due to the scientific error of Lysenkoism, imposed by the state academic institutions.
    In the modern west, living standards will be similarly adversely affected by the corruption of science.
    I believe that the proponents of the authoritarian and malthusian political agenda which comprises the proposed response to catastrophic anthropogenic global warming care little or nothing about the climate but recognise that climate alarmism provides an excuse to implement the totalitarian regime which they wish to impose on the majority of the people in their societies.
    Every western government is aware that there are many reputable scientists who are sceptical about the supposed concensus among climate scientists and who are technically competent to examine the source data and develop conclusions from it.
    Every western government could ensure that the data which was available would be examined by both the proponents of the global warming theory and by scientists who were known to be more sceptical about this theory, before they committed to spending trillions of pounds of money upon mitigation measures which may have been wholly unneccessary.
    So far as I am aware, no western government and certainly not the UK government, or even the Scottish government have done this.
    This suggests that all western governments are consciously and deliberately using unscientific and carefully nurtured fear of a so-called climate catastrophe to implement an agenda, which will cost many trillions of pounds and will be ineffective in achieving its stated purpose, but will instead fulfill the entirely different objectives of the people who control the western governments.
    That western governments are prepared to rely upon falsified pseudo-science to justify the implementation of their agenda to their peoples and electorates , strongly suggests that even in the western democracies, the governments are servants not of their peoples, but of someone else.

  9. prion bat trick says:

    is the narrator tony heller?

  10. A wonderful fact-filled exposé of what the ‘climate crisis’ is all about: Political manipulation of the gullible, and MONEY. (Surprise! Surprise!)

  11. Donna K says:

    Love it! re-posted on X and elsewhere and forwarded it to several friends. Those who choose to watch should do so while they can.

  12. Ulric Lyons says:

    The most important climate system dynamic is how the Sun drives the AMO, which Willie Soon has unfortunately got backwards. The AMO is not warmer when solar irradiance is higher, but when the solar wind is weaker and is causing negative North Atlantic Oscillation regimes. Which is at least during each centennial solar minimum.

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