Moving To Detroit

People have been fleeing the cold weather of the north and moving to warmer climates in the south, but the Atlantic says global warming will cause them to move from Arizona to Michigan.  About 90% of my fraternity house at ASU were climate refugees from the upper Midwest

America’s Climate Boomtowns Are Waiting – The Atlantic

Meanwhile, back in the real world ..

“Five Southern States Account for Most of Nation’s Population Growth

Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia and South Carolina added almost 1.2 million people between them this year. The South was the only region to draw net new residents from other states.”

Five Southern States Account for Most of Nation’s Population Growth

Experts also say we will all have to move to Antarctica.

Climate change study predicts refugees fleeing into Antarctica – Telegraph

One of the largest uses of Colorado River water is growing corn to produce biofuels.

“To mitigate climate impacts associated with energy consumption, renewable fuel policies have been established in the USA that encourage production and use of corn ethanol. Current fuel usage of corn ethanol is approximately 15 billion gallons/year (57 billion liters/year), with nearly all of this in the form of E10 (10% blend in gasoline). There is now interest in increasing fuel ethanol usage to achieve nationwide levels of E20 or greater. Due to lack of capacity and poor economics, cellulosic ethanol cannot contribute significantly to increased fuel ethanol production in the near term. Thus, rapid growth of fuel ethanol usage implies expansion of corn ethanol beyond current levels. The objective of this study was to assess the potential water requirements of expanding corn ethanol to provide for nationwide E20 fuel by 2025.

Potential water requirements of increased ethanol fuel in the USA | Energy, Sustainability and Society | Full Text

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11 Responses to Moving To Detroit

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    We are all believers. The issue is how to get more believers, or at least shake loose some of the Global Warming believers. The movie is great. But how to get it to the masses? I tried posting on Facebook, and I swear it disappears shortly after I post. I’ve gone back, way down my page and can’t find my post. It seems to be gone. So I sent it by message to some people, whom I thought had a decent amount of followers, in the hopes that they would pass it on. I also tweeted it to my 16 followers. Does anyone have an “in” with Tucker? He literally gets millions of views, and no one but Tucker controls him. We need millions of views on this. We need a hook that can to make it go viral. This and illegal immigration are key issues.
    I learn at Epoch Times yesterday that the reason we have to take all of these belligerents from all over the world is because Obama (I think) signed a worldwide treaty agreeing to it. The only problem is, the president can’t do that. 2/3ths of congress must sign ANY international treaty. We are docilely accepting self-destruction because of an illegal presidential action. That should be enough to get Trump 70% of the vote. Both of these issues need to enter the brains of millions of people.

    • The place to share is down the pub or other social venues, hand out USBs with the genuine science on it. Point them to Bitchute where the documentary is posted, or Tony’s blog. Chat to people on the bus. There are plenty of other blogs to direct people to, Godfrey Bloom and Paul Burgess come immediately to mind. Once people realize they are being told what to think and become aware of what the real consequences will be, they will rebel against the marrative.

  2. Al Chemy says:

    The entire focus of the IPCC (aka climate change nuts) is to limit the increase in the average temperature of “the world” to no more than 1.5 degrees C by 2032-2050.

    To put that in context, here ( are the average temperatures of 49 states (Hawaii missing for some unknown reason).

    Note that the average ‘difference extreme’ is Florida -> Alaska, MORE than 40 DEGREES F (OR 4.4 DEGREES C) which is 3 times the “world’s gonna end” IPCC target of 1.5.


  3. Walter says:

    Considering none of their models actually work, I’m guessing they’ll be wrong about this as well.

  4. Ivan G Wainwright says:

    If the Earth really was warming, the Canadian wheat belt and the American corn belt would have moved north; they haven’t. Farmers are not stupid.

    • dm says:

      Farmers heed natural conditions, unlike the USDA. The latter recently reconfigured its “climate zones” for planting crops (see:

      YahooLife drooled that because of climate change over the past 30 years “…the types of plants that are able to grow successfully has changed for 50 percent of the country …” FAKE news. The affected acreage is much smaller. And, most changes have minor consequences for crop selection.

  5. czechlist says:

    I am amused when I hear reports that recent migration is due to Climate Change. If CC is global, but mostly affects northern climes, why are they migrating North?
    Free money trees flourish North of 20° where, apparently, there isn’t enough local labor to harvest the crops
    I am still pondering – what is the victory in destroying N America?

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      There is no victory. It is Marxist religious fanatics who think Nirvana will come once American capitalism is destroyed. Just the opposite. American capitalism keeps the world economy afloat despite the rest of the world being infatuated with Marxism. If the American Black man thinks he is oppressed, just what will he think when Marxism bungles all production? And who knows what white college graduates working at Starbucks will think about transgender when they are having to dig in garbage cans to get food.

    • arn says:

      An independent America is in the way of globalism.
      It is also in the way of converting the NAFTA zone (which was the first step)
      into a single Zone like the EU by uniting Mexico,Canada and USA .

      And as the main driver of globalism, the USA giving up its sovereignty towards UN will be used as prime and mandatory example for all other countries (just as it happens with cigarette restrictions,lgbt,gay marriage etc etc) to follow.

      Another thing is the Cloward Piven strategy that was discussed 1967 in Congress.
      It is about bancrupting the USA with mass immigration to install an universal basic income (which is of course a very evil trick of the cabal as any kind of relevant universal basic income in the USA will be way higher BEFORE an economic collapse).

      As your country has 800 + military basis world wide (which is globalism ),
      it will be interesting to see how the Oligarchs will handle this situation to keep them running once the USA is bancrupt.
      These soldiers won’t stay when they are not payed or when the dollar is worthless – so there has to be some totalitarian switch + a sugar daddy,
      as someone has to be for the USA what the USA is to Ukraine
      and someone has to tell Americans why they need 800 military basis world wide when everything inside the country is falling apart.

  6. Abraham's Kid says:

    Mass migration to the south was/is as a result of air-conditioning, but with larger demands put on a continually weakened electrical grid there might be a reason for people to move further north to seek milder weather.

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