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World Bank Expectations

“Solar is expected to surpass coal as the world’s most available source of energy by 2027. “ In the real world, there is no chance of that happening. Primary energy consumption by source, World Electricity production by source, World

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Trained Not To Learn

ChatGPT has been trained to ignore any information which doesn’t support the climate orthodoxy.

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Protecting Endangered Species

California wants to wipe out an endangered forest of Joshua Trees, in order to protect them from global warming.

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Record Climate Cynicism

The people behind climate alarmism want to shut down the fuels which make air conditioning affordable and available. They say they are shutting down air conditioning to protect people from the heat.

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Record Cynicism

In 1898, Mark Twain commented on the incredible heat in India. “When a person is accustomed to 138 in the shade, his ideas about cold weather are not valuable. I had read, in the histories, that the June marches made … Continue reading

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