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Listen To The Politicians And Journalists

In 2009, The Maldives cabinet held an underwater meeting in collaboration with “climate scientists” to convince western governments to send them climate guilt money. 17 Oct 2009, 2 – The Missoulian at The following year, actual scientists explained that … Continue reading

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Next Global Warming Scamster Checks In

This morning I made a video discussing how Tuvalu is getting larger, and Pacific island governments are trying to scam western countries into giving them money with their global warming guilt BS. It didn’t take long for the next South … Continue reading

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Another Icon Of Global Warming Drowns

We have been told for decades that Tuvalu is drowning due to CO2 emissions, and that anyone who doesn’t go along with the global warming scam is a hateful racist. Pacific Island Nations Struggle with Global Warming – SPIEGEL ONLINE … Continue reading

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Global Warming Scam Continues To Unravel

After spending 30 years lying about sea level rise and “entire nations drowned” – reality is starting to set in. Pacific islands are growing, not sinking. “Islands in Tuvalu, Kiribati and the Federated States of Micronesia are among those which … Continue reading

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Backing Away From The Sea Level Scam

In 1994, the Prime Minister of Tuvalu wanted to evacuate the island to save themselves from rising seas. 07 Dec 1994 – Rising sea level: islanders fear it could mean Tuvalu – Trove Since then, sea level has hardly changed … Continue reading

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Climate Experts Catching Up With 200 Year Old Science

The geniuses at National Geographic have finally figured out why Tuvalu isn’t going to disappear.   “If you were faced with the threat of the disappearance of your nation, what would you do?” That’s the question Enele Sopoaga, the prime minister of … Continue reading

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