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Katherine Hayhoe Using COVID To Advance Climate Junk Science

Just when you thought climate scamsters couldn’t possibly get any more disgusting … Environmental Reporters Strategize on Using Coronavirus to Advance Climate Agenda – Western Wire Yesterday the Guardian said they are “free from political bias” and want people to … Continue reading

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Katharine Hayhoe – “Where Is Global Warming Now?”

Katharine Hayhoe, who is too scared to debate me and blocks everyone who communicates with me on twitter, was troubled by all the cold and snow in Texas in 2015. In order to get the audience to listen to her … Continue reading

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Michael Mann And Katharine Hayhoe Got President Trump Elected

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More On The Katharine Hayhoe Permanent Drought

Katharine Hayhoe is not only wrong about Texas climate, but she is actively supporting people who want to destroy West Texas’ two most important industries – oil and beef. What Climate Change Is Doing to the Texas Cattle Ranch | … Continue reading

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Top Climate Communicator – Katharine Hayhoe

The head of the climate communication prize committee, has won the climate communication prize. 2018 Stephen H. Schneider Award for Outstanding Climate Science Communication Bestowed upon Dr. Katharine Hayhoe | Climate One Climate Communication Prize Committee – Leadership This came … Continue reading

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Katharine Hayhoe Permanent Drought Update

Snake oil saleswoman Katharine Hayhoe took advantage of the 2011 drought in Texas to declare herself a climate expert – by blaming it on humans. Drought – Years Of Living Dangerously Texas precipitation has been increasing since the 19th century, … Continue reading

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Katherine Hayhoe’s Junk Science Iced Out Again

Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota is having their latest ice out on record. | Still waiting for Lake Minnetonka ice out Meanwhile, fake scientists Katharine Hayhoe and the Union of Concerned Communist Scientists say Midwest ice is melting earlier, they are … Continue reading

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Katharine Hayhoe Won’t Debate Me Because I’m Too “Sweet And Agreeable”

I wonder if she twitter blocks all sweet and agreeable people?

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Six Months Since Katharine Hayhoe Forecast Less Summer Rain For Texas

Six months ago, Katharine Hayhoe said global warming makes Texas summers drier. Observed and CMIP5 modeled influence of large-scale circulation on summer precipitation and drought in the South-Central United States | SpringerLink Now she says global warming makes Texas summers … Continue reading

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Career Change For Katharine Hayhoe

Five years ago, Katharine Hayhoe made her living blaming Texas drought on global warming. But she has taken on a new profession blaming rain in Texas on global warming.

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