Michael Mann And Katharine Hayhoe Got President Trump Elected

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10 Responses to Michael Mann And Katharine Hayhoe Got President Trump Elected

  1. Dave N says:

    It doesn’t even take someone like Light to recognise that ruining the wealth of “ordinary” Americans is a bad political move. The problem for the Dems is that they’re so idiotic, they’re incapable of recognising it. Worse: they’re still hung up on attempting to remove (under a complete delusion) their opposition rather than focusing on regaining their position by having sane policies, or actually *doing* something to benefit the country when they control the house!

    If this were a movie, people would be departing the cinema because of too much suspension of disbelief. (i.e. surely so many cannot possibly be that stupid)

    • Caleb Shaw says:

      I think many are quite aware of the stupidity, but are cowed by the shrill bombast of so-called “activists”. That is why people don’t answer pollsters honestly, and why the polls are so wrong. It is very important to speak out, politely but firmly, in the face of such intimidation, not only in “safe spaces” like this site, but in settings where it may not be comfortable.

      I am kicking myself because a week ago a person stated in passing that the “North Pole is melting”, and I said nothing. (Hopefully my silence spoke volumes, but I could have done more.) I should have said, “No, it’s not; not any more than last year or the year before.” I could have shown the DMI graphs on my cellphone. Next time I’ll do better.

      In the low sea-ice year of 2007 it was stated the Pole would be ice-free by 2012. Now they are saying, “by 2030”. Enough is enough, because stupid remains stupid.


    • -B- says:

      On the other hand, ruining the wealth of ordinary americans and then getting them dependent on government is a good political move.

      Team D forgot step 2, perhaps because they are too focused on group identity these days.

  2. Gamecock says:

    I think the greater issue is The Invasion. Many millions of people who shouldn’t be here are. Neither the DNC nor the RNC oppose it, and in ways, even encourage it.

  3. I think a much more interesting question is not why did Trump win, but why were the Democrats so sure they’d win?

    The obvious answer, is the press were listening to the biased media who were constantly rooting for Hilary. But the press have always been biased, and surely the Democrats knew this, so why did they so misjudge it this time?

    The answer must be, that despite the press being biased, the people didn’t fall for it this time. Which strongly indicates that social media bypassed the fake news and lies of the media and it was social media that got Trump elected.

    This I think was why the Democrats were so surprised to loose.

    That also explains why the (un)democratic forces have been trying desperately to destroy the access of the right to Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. (with the obvious and full hearted support of those sites)

  4. paul courtney says:

    Don’t know how U.S. journalists became the least curious people on earth. Not one wonders how , for instance, Hillary can act horrified when Donald says (during debate) he may question the legitimacy of the election (and every Dem, many R’s and lotsa journos piled on, decrying Trump for even suggesting the outcome could be questioned), then Hillary can spend two years plus claiming the election was not legitimate; nothing to wonder about there. They are decidedly uncurious about Hillary getting dirt on Trump from foreign gov’t sources. FBI and DOJ get secret warrant against campaign? Not curious in the least how that happens. For eight years, the lack of curiosity was so steady, Joe Biden can tell crowds that the Obama administration hadn’t a whiff of scandal (none of them got any coverage, that helps). I have difficulty seeing how we ever get back to a press worthy of the First Amendment.

    • rah says:

      Sexist A-holes. How come the universities are so full of prejudice and bigotry? Because leftists generally discriminate more based on race, gender, and sexual orientation than anyone else.

  5. Big M says:

    We’ve had a repeat of the US election in Australia. Labor, the left , were planning a mini AOC type green new deal, plus giving heaps of cash to the UN and creating a government funded Gender Centre for the hoards of gender dysphoric. The right campaigned on nothing in particular, just none of the above. Strangely, working people didn’t want pie in the sky electric vehicles in the future. They wanted to feed their kids today.

    How did the Left react? The same as the Democrats. Blame the ‘hard hearted, idiotic, scientifically illiterate’ electorate. Just short of calling us deplorables.

    • John Bohn says:

      I,ve heard Australia has funded their universities millions of dollars to study the dying Australian reef. Is that the lefts “Boogeyman”….. that the Australian reef is dying? Is it dying? Or is that the scare tactic that they’re using to gain control and access to money.?

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