Declining June 11th Temperatures In The US

Prior to 60 years ago, June 11 was often a very hot day in the US, but hot weather on this date is unusual now outside of the desert southwest.  

The trend is not just for June 11, but for the entire month of June, and for the entire year.

The US has been record cool over the past nine months, and the green area should expand with the cool weather forecast for the eastern US.


10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

We now associate 100 degree weather with the desert southwest, but it used to be quite common across much of the country.


The hottest June in Phoenix was 1974, when they averaged 109 degrees for their afternoon temperatures, and were over 110 degrees for eighteen consecutive days from June 12-29. I played on the soccer team at ASU that year, and we practiced at 3PM every day.

That was also the peak year of the 1970s ice age scare.

29 Jan 1974, 5 – The Guardian at

As atmospheric CO2 has increased, the frequency of hot days in the US has plummeted. The peak year occurring  below 310 PPM.

Meanwhile, the useful idiots in the press continue their usual mindless hysteria about things they understand nothing about. They simultaneously forecast heat, drought, fire and floods – i.e. the same weather we have always had. And they tell their readers that the same weather which has been occurring for hundreds of millions of years can be prevented by climate action.

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New Video : They Predicted It All Along

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New Video : “Precisely As Scientists Predicted”

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Global Warming To End Civilization By 2050

Global warming to kill us in 30 years.

Climate change could end human civilization by 2050: report

Global warming will also kill us next year.

2020 is the deadline to avert climate catastrophe | Daily Mail Online

And global warming already killed us in the year 2000.

Mercury News: Search Results

After we ran out of food and water in the 1970s.

6 Oct 1970, Page 3 – Redlands Daily Facts at

During the same decade when global cooling killed us.

Climate Changes Endanger World’s Food Output – The New York Times

But the reality is that global warming will kill us in 12 years.

If you don’t believe the newspapers and politicians, you are a planet hating racist being paid by big oil.

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New Video : Magpie Attack


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Climate Alarmists Melting Down In Their Lies

The Union of Concerned Scientists have a new report out warning that the Midwest is getting hot, and a lot of people are going to die in the heat unless we reduce CO2 emissions. The report is titled “60 Years of Warming in the Midwest.”


Urgent Action on Climate Change Will Prevent Heat-Related Deaths in Major US Cities | Union of Concerned Scientists

It is based largely on this 2009 report, which claims a large increase in 90 and 100 degree days in illinois and the Midwest – based on models of future climate, and some sort of analysis of the past 60 years.


UCSUSA claims there will be a huge increase in the number of 90 and 100 degree days in Chicago as CO2 increases – yet the historical data shows the exact opposite.  As CO2 has increased, the number of 90 and 100 degree temperatures have plummeted in Chicago.  Aurora, IL is the closest USHCN station to Chicago.


Same story across all of Illinois.


Same story across all of the Midwest.

It isn’t clear why they claim that hot weather has increased over the past 60 years, but it is clear why they cherry-picked a time interval of sixty years. Prior to 1960, the Midwest was much hotter. The data they hid wrecks their story.

As CO2 has increased, the frequency of hot days has plummeted in the Midwest.  The exact opposite of what the UCSUSA models are based on.

The Midwest and most of the US used to be much hotter, with some incredibly hot months during the 1930s.

And deaths from natural disasters has plummeted as CO2 has increased.

Natural Disasters – Our World in Data

Deaths from heat are rare now, but during the 1930s they were very common.

17 Jul 1936, Page 1 – Carroll Daily Herald at

07 Jun 1933, 4 – The Times at

13 Jul 1936, Page 3 – Lansing State Journal 

The Bulletin – Google News Archive Search

It was so hot in Illinois in 1936, that highways exploded.

TimesMachine: July 7, 1936 –

TimesMachine: July 10, 1936 –

Nothing in the UCSUSA report has any bearing on reality. They use models which bear no resemblance to the real world, hide critical data which proves them wrong, make unsupportable forecasts of the future, and claim solutions to imaginary problems based on superstition. Desperate lies from desperate liars with an agenda.

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Smoke From Wildfires May Be Visible

The National Park Service has a new team member this summer in Yellowstone National Park, keeping an eye out for wildfires.

Mount Washburn – Southern View Webcam (U.S. National Park Service)

Meanwhile, my research assistants study the permanent drought in Boulder – where we have had rain or snow on 56 days so far this year, including 16 of the last 22 days.

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New Video : Montana Glaciers Refusing To Cooperate

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Green Energy

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AOC Coin Found On E-Bay

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