1950 Shock News : Earth Getting Hotter – Polar Ice Caps Melting

CO2 was so low at the time, and it didn’t help. We are doomed!


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  1. Blade says:

    Plain text …

    The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld.) Monday 22 May 1950


    World is warming!

    SYDNEY. Sunday. — The Director of the Museum of Technology and Applied Science (Mr. A. R. Penfold) said that Sydney climate was becoming hotter.

    The change had been most marked in the past two decades, but had been going on for the past 100 years. People who have lived on the North Shore line for the past 25 years, have had plenty of evidence of the temperature change, he said. Plants that used to flourish facing the north now have to be planted facing the south. House-paint, in spite of improved quality, does not last so long as it did 25 years ago. The sun is too strong for it.


    Temperatures everywhere had changed, he said. Rain and snow falls had altered; trees had bigger growths on them, and there had been marked changes in the natural distribution of birds, animals, and trees. The Arctic Ocean had risen about an inch in the last 80 years, due to the sun melting the ice packs.

    Australia noticed we were coming out of the LIA (‘going on for the past 100 years‘) before anyone else I guess.

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