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Rapid Ice Growth Over The Past Six Days

Green shows ice gain since September 18. Red shows ice loss. Arctic Sea-Ice Monitor Next map shows the huge increase in western Arctic ice since this date last year.

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Diane Feinstein Thinks This Is An Assault Rifle

Video: Navy Yard shooting: FBI releases footage of Aaron Alexis stalking victims – Telegraph This guy walked around the hallways shooting people for half an hour, and the military base was completely incapable of dealing with it. He should have … Continue reading

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Reader Poll

Are humans responsible for the theoretical warming which would be happening if the world was actually warming? Yes, the 0.00 degrees warming over the last 17 years is your fault Regardless of what happens with the weather, skyrocketing electricity costs … Continue reading

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Understanding The Arctic – In 30 Seconds

Starting in 1988, strong winter winds caused lots of thicker older ice to be pushed out into the North Atlantic. This went on for almost a decade and caused the volume of ice to decline by 50%. Thinner ice melts … Continue reading

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Rush : What Is The Republican Leadership Afraid Of?

Rush: Cruz ‘Freedom Fighter’ Fighting for ‘Soul of His Party’

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My Health Plan

I ride my bike everywhere, work out every day, never watch television, eat only small quantities of very healthy food – and haven’t had to use health insurance or car insurance for decades. Not to mention the thousands of dollars … Continue reading

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Affordable Healthcare Act Raises New Mexico Premiums To 259% Of Current Cost

What Will Obamacare Cost You? – Forbes

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Reggie Completes His Row Several Days Ahead Of Schedule


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Learning To Think Like Progressive

I’ve had this conversation numerous times : If the pilots were armed, 9/11 and the subsequent wars never would have happened Can’t do that. A bullet could put a hole in the fuselage and depressurize the plane. So it’s better … Continue reading

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No Time For Debate

They have no time for debate – but endless amounts of time for hysterics, demonizing, and name calling. Gore Says Global Warming Skeptics Should Be Treated Like Racists And Homophobes – Fox Nation

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