1895 Springtime Drought And Bush Fires Devastated NSW

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CO2 was 295 PPM at the time.

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10 Responses to 1895 Springtime Drought And Bush Fires Devastated NSW

  1. Andy Oz says:

    Australian Military Intelligence agree that Global Warming caused the Australian bushfires. (/Sarc off)

  2. Mike D says:

    Wow, the media has been blaming Bush for longer than I realized.

  3. Tommy R says:

    Seriously, you are comparing these minor fire events to the huge blazes in NSW. It is chalk and cheese, sorry but all you are doing is providing evidence for bushfire intensity increasing due to climate change – thank you for that. Don’t forget the Sydney fires of 5 October 1928 (burnt for 5 hours) and 5 October 1936 (brought under control by a single fire unit and a couple of trucks of army guys). No comparison really! I’m sure there are plenty more examples to be found.

    If you are claiming to use a scientific discipline in your analysis of bushfire then at least make a vague effort at comparing intensity of fire events. Fires happen all the time in Australia often as early as August (shock, horror!) . It’s all about the scale…. By the way your blog is a misnomer, most of the “analysis” you put here you could drive a truck through. No matter, we have professionals for doing science and they are doing a reasonable job.

    while you and your ilk like in a sad fantasy world of conspiracy,ignorance and delusion and denial.

    Keep up the good work.

    Warmers unite!!!!

    • Dear Homer, the 1851 fire burned 12 million acres in one day. Now you and Lisa run off and unite.

    • Andy Oz says:

      Tommy R – it’s warm weather mate! And crazy kids and stupid military lighting fires! If you disagree, how come Western Australia has had a cold winter and a beautiful Spring? You cannot have Global Warming on one side of the continent and weather on the other. That just shows how stupid the Climate Council is.
      Give it up Tommy, the CAGW myth is busted no matter what alarmists say.

  4. DON D says:

    I love that article though .. The fire burnt out the shrubbery. Very poetical and an excellent comparison with fires that destroyed 300 odd homes and burnt out 50000 hectares. Oh yes and don’t forget the cows dying in the muddy bogs.. Seriously!! Do you get it? You are helping make the case for the Warner’s you silly sausage…

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