Heidi Cullen Demonstrates How To Defraud Journalists

Warmer and wetter: Maps reveal how global warming could lead to warmers and wetter temperatures across America
Maps were created to show how temperatures has changed since 1970 in all US regions

Since 1970, the average winter temperature in the continental U.S. has warmed by 2.4°

Findings come amid prediction that 2014 is likely to be warmest on record

Maps reveal how global warming will affect winter temperatures across America  | Daily Mail Online

ScreenHunter_5103 Dec. 10 13.30

Heidi shows peak warming in Minnesota since 1970. Besides the fact that the warming numbers Climate Central used are completely fraudulent, Heidi cherry-picked one of the coldest periods on record to start her analysis. Last winter was the 4th coldest on record in Minnesota, and Lake Superior blew away their record for springtime ice.

ScreenHunter_5102 Dec. 10 13.30

For the US as a whole, winter temperatures have been plummeting for 15 years, and are no warmer than 1970. Starting a trend line at the bottom of a cyclical function is malfeasance.

ScreenHunter_5105 Dec. 10 13.41

Winter snow coverage has been increasing in North America, due to the snow line pushing further south – due to cold air. The past decade has seen the furthest south snow line on record.


Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

Heidi and Climate Central are defrauding the public with their intentionally deceptive maps and analyses. Winter temperatures in the US are plummeting, not increasing.

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9 Responses to Heidi Cullen Demonstrates How To Defraud Journalists

  1. philjourdan says:

    Yea, everyone had to “sweat” out last winter! Makes you wonder how stupid they are to expect people to believe that stuff until you realize there are people more stupid that actually do.

    • Joe says:

      “Makes you wonder how stupid they are to expect people to believe that stuff”

      Indeed. Who would be stupid enough to misunderstand that an anomaly graph has any significance to the temperature of the starting year over the period that is used to create the anomaly.

  2. Mohatdebos says:

    Someone should send her a copy of: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/12/09/claim-from-phil-jones-and-company-extreme-temperature-anomalies-are-warming-faster-than-earths-average/

    The money quote from ths article follows: “The study also examined anomalies during the “pause” in global warming that scientists have observed since 1998. While a 16-year-period is too short a time to draw conclusions about trends, the researchers found that warming continued at most locations on the planet and during much of the year, but that warming was offset by strong cooling during winter months in the Northern Hemisphere.” Perhaps, she can debate Phil Jones on whose information is correct.

  3. Big Al says:

    I actually don’t know too many Minnesotans (and I grew up there) who would object to a little warmer winter!

  4. Mark Luhman says:

    I grew up in Northern Minnesota and as a young adult moved to western North Dakota, try to explain to someone from western North Dakota, Minnesota winter are worst, the funny part in the story is a friend I knew retired, had lived in the Ray/Wheellock area of North Dakota all his life, after retirement bought a house on a lake near Park Rapids Minnesota. I ran into the following summer and he ask me what kind of God forsaking country did I grew up in, It got cloudy on October and the sun did not come out until January, it got cold and stayed cold and it snowed so d#4% much. I told him his mistake was you by a lake home in Minnesota for the summers and spend the winters in Arizona, I personally only took half of my advice I now live full time in Arizona, I will take three months of 100+ heat over three to four months with highs of less than 32 degrees with stretch of up to a month where it may not make zero and sometime several days in a roll when it does not make -20 for the high. Yes Minnesotan would appreciate warmer winters, a good proportion of them are my neighbors in the winter months.

  5. ralphcramdo says:

    “Maps reveal how global warming >COULD< lead to warmers and wetter temperatures across America"
    Alarmist always have to provide a bit of prognostication to show their powers of fortunetelling.

  6. i have been tracking temperatures here in Kendall, WI for a nearly a year; it gets cold here +++ this year has had more than a dozen record cold temps

  7. When will these people learn? Monthly and seasonal temperature extremes CANNOT be used to assess ANNUAL temperature change. “Warmest January on record!” means just that; NOTHING else! Conveniently, of course, they neglect to mention that the following February was the COLDEST on record. Cherrypickers!

  8. john smith says:

    “This new learning amazes me Sir Bedevere. Explain again how sheep’s bladders may be employed to prevent earthquakes. ” – King Arthur

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