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No Beer Until Someone Digs Out The Clubhouse

The Greenland meltdown has almost completely buried the clubhouse at the Greenland Country Club in snow, at midsummer. summit:status:webcam

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Climate Scientists Reaching Unprecedented Levels Of Stupid

Experts say that it will be record cold, and getting milder. Britain braced for mini-ice age as temperatures are set to drop to a 300-year low Low temperatures not seen for 300 years could be on the way to Britain … Continue reading

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President Obama Hoping To Cut Off The Fossil Fuel Supply – Just In Time To Freeze Everyone To Death

Britain could have colder winters due to solar activity | Nature | News | Daily Express As temperatures plummet, President Obama is having government agencies jack up the global warming fraud – so that he can get an agreement in … Continue reading

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US Burn Acreage Plummeting, Lowest In A Decade

Climate fraudsters say that forest fires are getting worse due to global warming Wildfires Fuel Climate Change – Scientific American Only problems are, the climate isn’t warming, and US burn acreage is plummeting. National Interagency Fire Center

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Arctic Meltdown Scam In Complete Collapse

Arctic sea ice extent is now higher than 2006, the year with the highest summer minimum of the past decade. There is still snow in southern Greenland on June 24. Vikings used to farm there. That would be impossible now. … Continue reading

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Another Victim Of Climate Data Change

Christopher Burt keeps track of weather extremes at Weather Underground, and provides huge amounts of valuable information that I frequently reference. But he has been snookered by tampered NOAA temperature data. He published this graph showing that the past decade … Continue reading

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Hiding The Decline In Antarctica

Ten years ago, Gavin reported that Antarctica was cooling had “cooled significantly.” SVS Animation 3188 – Antarctic Heating and Cooling Trends Shindell and Schmidt 2004 Shindell, D.T., and G.A. Schmidt 2004. Southern Hemisphere climate response to ozone changes and greenhouse gas … Continue reading

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Understanding The Danger Of CO2

CO2 has increased by one part per ten thousand over the past century. This is equivalent to packing an extra eleven people into Camp Nou, or an entire football squad. This graph shows the alarming increase in CO2 over the … Continue reading

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