A Peek Inside The 100% Brainless World Of Climate Alarmists

Year after year, climate geniuses forecast the demise of skiing

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StopGlobalWarming.org » Is Colorado’s Ski Industry Doomed Due To Global Warming?

Winter snow cover has been steadily expanding for the last 50 years. How exactly do people get to be stupid enough to become climate experts? It is industrial grade stupid to be that disconnected from the real world.


Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab


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  1. SMS says:

    Starting in 1976, when the winter did not produce any snow, all major ski areas have installed snow making equipment. These ski areas open sooner and close later than ever before. Many would like to stay open longer but have to shut down to comply with their forest service permits. Loony predictions like the one above are just that; loony predictions. Predictions made on behalf of a failed theory by people too lazy to do the research necessary to invalidate their story/beliefs.

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