Shutting Down The Criminals At the EPA

The House of Representatives today passed H. R. 2042, the Ratepayer Protection Act, by a vote of 247 to 180.  This vote strongly rebukes the Obama EPA’s power grab.  It also provides strong support for the rider in the House’s Interior-EPA Appropriations bill that would also block the EPA’s regulation of greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants.  Another key point that needs to be stressed in the media is that it shows that President Obama’s commitments to reduce emissions made to the forthcoming Paris Accord are opposed by a strong majority in the House and are therefore unlikely to be implemented.

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  1. Obama has already demonstrated that he can ignore Congress whenever desired, and they will take no substantive action to stop him. Boehner has explicitly taken impeachment off the table, and even if he hadn’t, the Senate has to consent to his expulsion from office, something that’s almost impossible to imagine from the current Senate.

    Therefore I say that, absent a wholesale leadership change for the congressional Republicans in both chambers, implementation of Obama’s CO2 agenda is highly likely to continue after Paris.

    Effective blogging about the science is crucial, but nothing short of a massive (multi-million-person) petition campaign can change the reality we face.

    — Richard T. Fowler

  2. gregole says:

    Remember to write your congressperson regularly and remind them that you, a voting citizen, do not buy into this faddish nonsense. Your representatives are especially sensitive.

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