Saving The Planet

I’ve been an environmentalist all my life. I fought for the Clean Air Act and wilderness in the 1970’s. I volunteered as a wilderness ranger two summers in the 1980’s. I ride my bicycle everywhere, and won’t get in a car unless I have no other choice.

My goal now is to stop this mindless global warming scam, which distracts from real problems and leads greens to madness  – building unbelievably destructive things like wind farms.

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8 Responses to Saving The Planet

  1. BobW in NC says:

    Tony – I would love to see a bullet=point summary of the environmentally destructive effects of “wind farms,” from bird/bat kill, to low-frequency effects, to…you name it.

    these monsters MUST be stopped! Now they’re talking about off-shore wind farms off the NC coast, about 50 miles or so. Migratory pathway of so many species of birds.

    Horrible! thanks for keeping us informed.

    BobW in NC

  2. Ross says:

    Tom, I admire your continued strength and persistence on the issue.

  3. SteveO says:

    Imagine the efficienies we could be seeing if the green energy dollars had gone to oil, natural gas, and coal producers. I have worked in green energy…except for the true believers, they are almost all just trying to make it big (read: $$$) by leveraging the honey from the government teat. Shameful.

  4. Gary H says:

    “My goal now is to stop this mindless global warming scam . .”

    Aspen, CO is going to be 9 F warmer, by 2050 (35 years). So sayeth the front page story on the LAT’s today:

    “If global action is not taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the average temperature here is expected to rise as much as 9 degrees by 2050.”

    I kid you not. Here:

  5. ossqss says:

    Reminded me of this item, that has been quelched.

  6. Dorian says:

    Funny how things change. Once upon a time a photo like this:
    Oil Fields
    would have caused outrage, but today it is energy paradise.
    Call it the hypocrisy of energy, or the prejudice of ideology, in either case, the wanton destruction of land will always be considered secondary when personal interests and gain are in play. Left or Right, it matters not, when you can make a buck out of it, everything else is collateral.
    The only real victim is the taxpayer, who always ends up picking up the costs to clean the mess that is always left behind. Whether it is oil spills, or too pricey electricity from wind (once you factor in the blown up generators, killed birds, grid extensions, and soon to come noise law suits).
    Nothing changes, just the actors. One generation they are the Right, then next generation they are the Left. But the outcome is always the same, we all pay the price in the end!

  7. Tel says:

    That would have to be a fake picture. With all that scaffolding, hardly any wind would blow on the blades.

  8. Andy Oz says:

    Keep up the great work.
    Cheers from Down Under.

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