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White House Demonstrates That They Are Complete Morons – Once Again

Report: Polar bears’ fate tied to reversing global warming | Alaska Public Media Humans don’t control the climate Arctic sea ice is at its highest level in a decade. Polar Bears thrive in the Hudson Bay, which is ice-free for … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice Extent Approaching Highest Extent Since At Least 2004

Yesterday the White House announced that Polar Bears are doomed, as sea ice returns back to 2005 levels. Here is the same image with the Wednesday glitch removed Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut Not only is the ice … Continue reading

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Polar Bears Granted A Reprieve

The same people who have been telling us that Polar Bears are dying due to polar sea ice loss, now say it will be another ten years before they start being affected. Study: Polar Bears Could Feel Global Warming’s Sting … Continue reading

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July 1896 Heatwave Killed Birds

Experts say that Europe never used to have heatwaves in July. 17 Jul 1896 – HEAT-WAVE IN EUROPE. DEATHS FROM SUNSTROKE. LOND…

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