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Summer Of 1938

During 1938, Oklahoma City had 144 days over 90 degrees. Now they average about 50.

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Spectacular NOAA Temperature Fraud In Michigan

Measured Michigan temperatures show a 60 year decline, but NOAA reported ones show a huge hockey stick after 1960. They accomplish this through a hockey stick of post-1960 data tampering. Below is plotted all of the currently active individual USHCN … Continue reading

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Experts Announce That Reagan Can’t Win An Election

10 Mar 1980, Page 5 – at Newspapers.com This was the 1984 election map.

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Four Months Since Politico Predicted A Bush Win

The Trump Poll Numbers Lie

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Be “FOR” Something. Not “AGAINST” Something

This idiocy by National Review is exactly the reason why we have Democrats threatening to finish off the Bill of Rights. Trump is surging in the polls because he talks about the issues Americans are worried about and promises to … Continue reading

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February 1, 1911

On this date in 1911, a huge swath of the US was over 70 degrees F. Temperatures included 86F at Independence, Kansas, 93 degrees at Guthrie, Oklahoma and 93 degrees at Brownwood, Texas. If this happened now, scientists would proclaim 99% … Continue reading

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