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Pulling Back The Curtain On Super Climate Sunday

[TH : I moved the links to a secure https address, as some people seemed to be picking up malware on the download. The executable itself is clean.] I know that people are excited today about the big game between Real … Continue reading

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Super Climate Sunday

Tomorrow will be the day when detailed climate analysis becomes readily available to everyone.

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The Mind Blowing Heat Of 1936

During the summer of 1936, Seymour, Indiana had 49 days over 100 degrees and reached 113 F (45C) Most of the 100 degree days came during two heatwaves. A 15 day stretch in July and a 20 day stretch in August. … Continue reading

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The Wrong Stuff

NASA astronauts NASA satellite deniers Four years ago, the people with The Right Stuff sent this letter to NASA satellite deniers James Hansen and Gavin Schmidt, who are completely destroying the agency’s reputation with their junk science. March 28, 2012 The Honorable Charles Bolden, … Continue reading

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