After The Fire, Life Returns

Life returns in abundance, six years after the 2011 Los Alamos fire, which progressives were hysterical about.

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  1. Griff says:

    “the fire appeared to be about 3.5 miles from a dump site where as many as 30,000 55-gallon drums of plutonium-contaminated waste were stored in fabric tents above ground. ”

    sounds like anyone, ‘progressive’ or not, would have had grounds for concern.

    • tonyheller says:

      “explosive materials on the laboratory’s grounds are safely stored in underground bunkers made of concrete and steel”

    • AndyG55 says:

      griff and his ignorant chicken-little mentality, yaps again!!

    • gator69 says:

      Ms Griff lied bt omission. It is a common tactic of the left. The rest of the story goes like this…

      She said the drums were on a paved area with few trees nearby and would be safe even if a fire reached the storage area. Officials have said it is miles from the flames.

      These drums are designed to a safety standard that would withstand a wildland fire worse than this one,” Rosendorf said.

      Ms Griff is a liar, and hates poor brown people.

      • RAH says:

        It could be a lie or quite possibly she just read what confirmed her bias and that was all the further she needed to go. A common trait among the chicken little crowd.

        Which was it Griff?

    • Arn says:

      Griff-obviously you forgot that progressives like Obama(Nuclear plants are essential to our carbon reduction goals 2/12/2014 forbes magazine) have been pushing for atomic energy to replace coal power plants :)

      I’m 100% against atomic energy considering tschernobyl,fukushima and the fact that we have millions and millions of atomic waste(unnatural artificial extremly toxic waste)
      but only one final deposit for atomic waste(i think in finland)
      (maybe the 3 mile deep diamond mines in south africa can be used
      at one point)
      and global corporations are trying to avoid to pay money for the deposit of the waste whenever they can and let eventually the tax payer pay for it
      but i’m 100% pro coal power plants
      as they are less powerfull and therefore less centralised(=more plants necessary=more jobs=more competition)
      and when they explode the damaged area is an acre in size and not 1000s of squaremiles and the loss of energy supplie is minimal as there are many of them and one produces just a tiny tiny fraction of the needed energy.
      And the cost of damage would be a few hundred million dollars
      while an explosion of an nuclear power plant would cost
      about 430 billion euro according to an IRSN study(which was hidden for many years as the expected results were too ‘amazing’)

      Therefore i’m surprised to see your complains about atomic energy
      just as i’m surprised that others support it.

    • TimboA says:

      I live in Los Alamos and your straining at nothing…(as usual). For you to even bring that up is so absurd it certainly casts grave doubts on anything you have to say from this point forward. Ridiculous!!

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Like all “progressives”, the good Ms Griff has a firm and final opinion about everything, and she will share it with us every time.

  2. RAH says:

    Nice house finch in bottom pic. Have them at my feeders also.

  3. The progressives should get out and about in Nature a bit more. They would be soothed and reassured that Nature knows best. In Australia we have the same Warmistas continually hysterical about bushfires, which only five years later cannot be detected any more thanks to vigorous regrowth. Bushfires are Nature’s way of clearing out dead growth to make way for new.

    • AndyG55 says:

      I wish nature had a god way of clearing out progressives. !!

      • AndyG55 says:

        typo fix… . god = good.

        Actually god = good anyway..

        … that’s why he left humans with so much fossil fuel, just when we needed it for the advance of civilisation.

      • Arn says:

        Nature will clean them out eventually
        as most of them either don’t work
        and the working ones usually are being paid in some way by tax payers money
        and/or are office sitters who never ever in their lives
        produced a single thing of value-
        only taking and talking but 100% unproductive during their whole life.

        You don’t produce= you won’t eat.
        A world 100% full of progressives = a world with zero production=starvation and death.

        Give progressives half of the USA while the other half is given to sane people
        and let the progressives do what they love:=
        millions of muslims
        millions of illegals
        closing down power plants
        and ranches and farms
        no more cars

        within a few weeks their country would turn into a shithole
        they’d be bankrupt and starving
        and being attacked by their beloved uneducated
        illegals who want to eat
        and within a few years
        the muslims would take over controle
        and progressives would try to escape their “paradisic” utopia country
        because they’d be persecuted by muslims((don’t even try to tell them about gay rights,gay marriage,transgenders or that their prophet is a descendant of apes))
        and they need someone to work and produce the things they want and need.

        Sadly this divided states won’t happen and progressives
        will take everyone down with them.
        ((and that’s how the plan will work out in the end to reduce
        world population to 500. million)

  4. old44 says:

    Paris, Illinois may have been 99 degrees on May 10th, 1896 but is the 10th of May 1896 still 99 degrees on the 10th of May 2017?

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