Comparing Cameras

Canon SX-720 pocket camera.

Nikon P-900 83X optical zoom


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  1. ossqss says:


    I am still suprised you are not a hockey fan. All the facets of most major sports involved there, in particular during the playoffs Tony.

  2. Bloke down the pub says:

    One I took with my Samsung wave. Admittedly through a 3″ reflector.

  3. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Residents of Cape Girardeau, MO will be close to the Moon’s total eclipse of the Sun on 21 Aug 2017.

    • cdquarles says:

      Totality path projections have it passing through most of the state of Tennessee. I’m a bit further south, so I won’t be in the path. However, that path is the closest to me since the March 1970 Atlantic coast hugger. I had planned to visit my very elderly uncle who lives in Oak Ridge now, and he is the only one left of my mom’s generation (of my dad’s his two youngest brothers are probably still alive). As things stand, today, I’m not going to have adequate finances to do it. Oh well. Life goes on. My children, who are all grown and one’s given me grandchildren, will also miss out on a treat, somewhat.

  4. Arn says:

    I already have a nikon with 25* zoom but the colors are pale and the focus mediocre at best but it seems the nikon 83* zoom isn’t bad at all.
    (and now i know how you shot all those fotos of birds which usually fly away as soon as you get closer than 30 yards)

    are you able to get good fotos in freehand mode with such a superzoom and long distance fotos or does the cam needs always to be put on a tripod etc?

    • John F. Hultquist says:

      I have an older Nikon and it as many adjustments (on screen) with layered menus. “White balance” and others many be the cause of you pale colors.You can find tutorials on the web that help. Try Ken Rockwell or any of the others.

      Regarding using something to steady the camera (tripod), last month Mr. Heller explained having trained himself to control his breathing and stay steady in the manner of a shooter (rifles, bows). Pictures taken of far away objects through miles of atmosphere can get fussy. Calm air on cold clear nights is a plus.
      My father was a good photographer (1940s & ’50s) and also a shooter. He always used a tripod, but that did not catch on we me.
      Good luck with your camera.

      • richard verney says:

        But the Nikon lens must have an inbuilt stabilizer. Does not matter how good you are at holding your breath.

        In the old days with film, as a rule of thumb a shutter speed of about the same size as the lens is required for a shake free picture.

        If you had a 200mm zoom lens, you would need a 1/250th sec exposure, a 500mm zoom a 1/500th sec exposure.

        This is just an approximation, the standard 50mm lens would require only a 1/30th sec exposure, not a 1/60th sec exposure, and wide angles eg 24 mm lens would be OK with a 1/15th sec exposure.

        Nikon optics are always very good and invariably better than Canon (I have had Canon cameras for 40 years), but I expect that the Nikon is far costlier so it is not a fair like for like comparison.

      • Arn says:

        as my nikon is just a bridge for amateurs i thought that the standard settings are close to the best possible results+
        i did not thought that there is much room for improvement when you recalibrate such a cam.
        (btw such an 83 zoom is pretty impressive & explains how tony can shoot and drive bicycle.
        I always wondered how he can carry the necessary cam
        and the huge objectives with him on a bike to make such pictures while in fact he just need a single cam)

  5. Vince says:

    Superior image quality with the Nikon vs Canon.

    Loving all of the pics btw!

  6. EricN.WY says:

    I have a Nikon D600 with a 300mm lens. Even with a tripod I don’t get moon shots as clear as that. Very nice.

  7. Anonymous Commentator says:

    CAUTION: Starting a Nikon vs Canon debate could lead to more conflict than discussing AGW.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Why? I would never allow a Nikon in the cab of my Ford.

    • richard verney says:

      True, but at least there would be a genuine debate based upon hard empirical observational data. Photoshop would be the GISSTEMP

  8. AndrewB says:

    these are fantastic.
    Please share how you took these. Aperture, exposure, any special program, etc.
    I have been going crazy and cannot get anything close to this.

    BTW keep up the awesome Climate research and reportage. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for that…

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