Election Hacking Special Prosecutor

The time has come to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate election hacking. There is overwhelming evidence CNN hacked the US election, and they need to be held to account and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Brazile admits she forwarded town hall questions to Clinton camp 

They also hacked the 2012 election

Restoring our democracy requires that criminal organizations like CNN be shut down.

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11 Responses to Election Hacking Special Prosecutor

  1. R Shearer says:

    It was Seth Rich’s fault and he was dealt with.

    • RAH says:

      I nominate Trey Gowdy to be special prosecutor with broad authority to investigate ANY election fraud or tampering and to prosecute all involved. And to prosecute anyone, including the Mayor of DC, that may be involved in obstructing justice to prevent the truth from coming out. Then I want to hear the democrats and their press scream and cry and kick and moan, and whine.

      Still looking for a single piece of substantive evidence that the Russians colluded with anyone in team Trump or even did a thing to try and change the election results.

      • gator69 says:

        Still looking for a named source for this “info”. My guess is that the “journalists” do not want to cite each other as sources.

  2. gator69 says:

    Oh for Christ’s sake.

    Everybody knows that when a democrat does it, it isn’t illegal or immoral. Geesh, get with the program Tony.

  3. Kris Johanson says:

    Yes, that was the debate where Candy Crowley played “referee” with 1 minute to go and declared Mitt the loser. The fattest, ugliest, snootiest reporter I have ever seen on TV. Wait….maybe Helen Thomas was uglier…

  4. TA says:

    CNN and all the other Liberal news outlets are undermining the United States and threatenig our national security with their lies about Trump.

    The Left and the MSM are at war with the rest of America. We should realize that and push back on them as hard as they are pushing on us. More conservatives voices need to be heard. Don’t sit idly by while the Left sucks up all the oxygen in the room with their distortions of the truth.

    The MSM better hope they have something on Trump, but it doesn’t sound to me like they have anything substantial, and if there is no “there, there,” then the MSM is going to suffer, and that’s a good thing for the country.

    The MSM has “cried wolf” too many times over Trump and it’s going to come back to bite them. If Trump hasn’t done anything illegal, then they are not going to be able to stop Trump no matter how high they turn up the volume on their attempted character assassination.

    Some Fox News reporters should stop treating MSM reporting as credible. Instead of assuming the reporting is true, they should do just the opposite and assume it is not true until proven otherwise. Everyone else should do that, too, because the MSM is not to be trusted. The lying Left and the MSM are more dangerous to your personal freedoms than any foreign enemy. We need to realize the danger they pose. Lies undermine our freedoms.

    Keep those wildlife pictures coming, Tony! :)

  5. Douglas Hoyt says:

    Earlier this week some reporter said that Trump gave some classified information to the Russians, having to do with the defeat of ISIS. This reporter said it was terrible and all the media agreed. Two years ago this very same reporter said it was wonderful that Obama gave classified information to the Russians that would help them defeat ISIS. This very same reporter thought that was wonderful. Double standards on display.

    Next came the Comey memo. This roiled the stock markets worldwide and destroyed about one trillion dollars of wealth. A very expensive memo. Comey claimed that Trump ordered him to stop investigating Flynn, who had been fired the day before. It is much more likely that Trump asked if the Flynn investigation was over since he was no longer a government employee. Comey is a liar and can’t be trusted. On July 3rd last year, when he exonerated Clinton, he said the decision was unanimous among the FBI agents investigating it. Yes, it was unanimous to indict, but this only came to light many months later.

    Comey is an angry little man, who is seeking revenge against Trump. If the entire economic system collapses as a result, Comey won’t care.

  6. Ross says:

    The other interesting bit about the Comey issue is that 3 weeks before the conversation between Comey and President Trump, the same Washington Post had bold headlines saying the FBI had found nothing illicit in what Flynn did with the Russians. But somehow Comey saw fit to continue the investigation. Who was pushing it ?
    Also a Fox News legal contributor has said Comey has cornered himself with the memo. If he believed that the President was attempting to obstruct judicial proceedings during the conversation then by law Comey must take action at the time otherwise as an officer of the law HE can be prosecuted. Alternatively if nothing consequential was said by the President the memo makes Comey look stupid.
    I think you call that lose-lose.

  7. TA says:

    They had a report on Fox News this morning showing Comey testifying before Congress and saying noone had tried to hamper the FBI investigation, and this was three weeks after he met with Trump in the meeting where Trump supposedly said something to Comey about Flynn.

    Trump definitely did not “order” Comey to stop the Flynn investigation, or interfere in the investigation, and that’s according to Comey himself.

    The Left is crying wolf too much and now they have managed to get a Special Counsel appointed but this may come back to bite the Left bigtime, because there is no evidence of Russian/Trump collusion, or evidence of any other corruption, but there *is* evidence of Russian/Hillary/Obama collusion, along with a very long list of other corrupt and illegal practices by the Obama administration, and if the Special Counsel wants to delve into that cesspool, there is nothing to stop him. He can go where the evidence takes him.

    The Democrats are the corrupt, lawbreakers, not Trump. As long as Trump hasn’t broken the law, and it doesn’t look like he has, then he is safe, and it is the Democrats who are in jeopardy because they *are* corrupt and *have* broken the law, and the truth may out over this. Wouldn’t that be nice!

  8. TA says:

    The appointment of a Special Counsel will take the pressure off the Republicans in Congress. Now the Democrats won’t be able to claim the Republican congress is running interference for Trump, and reporters won’t be running to every Repubican asking for his take on the latest lie put out by the MSM and whether it rises to the level of impeachment.

    That’s not to say that the Democrats won’t continue to attack Trump but they will be less effective at attacking Trump through Republicans in Congress. Republicans can get back to passing Trump’s agenda, and let the Special Counsel worry about the details of the investigation of Russian collusion with American politicians.

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