Forty Five Years Of Fighting For The Environment

Forty-five years ago this weekend I testified at my first Congressional hearing, in support of a wilderness area in Utah. It was extremely hot that day, and my testimony didn’t make me very popular with the locals.

28 May 1972, Page 12 – at

I’ve been fighting for the environment ever since, including fighting for the Clean Air Act and volunteering two summers as a wilderness ranger for the US Forest Service.

My current fights are stopping the progressive City of Boulder, Colorado from destroying critical wetlands, and stopping mentally ill progressives everywhere from destroying raptor populations, scenery and habitat.

Global warming junk science is a scam, which is a grave threat to all humans and animals – particularly the useful idiots on the left who are promoting it.

I’m off on my bicycle to get some photographs of Coopers Hawk chicks along Coal Creek. Fortunately they have coal there, rather than bird chopping wind turbines.

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9 Responses to Forty Five Years Of Fighting For The Environment

  1. BBould says:

    Keep up the good work!

  2. arn says:

    The first photo is really great.
    (maybe some clouds are missing to be perfect)

    The other two photos are great examples about stupidity going on on this planet.

    A time will come when people will be laughing about them
    and their stupidity
    just like people are now laughing about the stupid hippies of the 60ies.

  3. Jeff says:

    There are model T Ford’s on the bottom of Lake Coeur d’Alene. People used to drive on the lake and skate on the lake. Apparently, it doesn’t freeze over anymore​.

    • gregole says:

      And there’s this:

      “As for resource consumption and environmental impacts, the direct effects of wind turbines — killing birds and bats, sinking concrete foundations deep into wild lands — is bad enough. But out of sight and out of mind is the dirty pollution generated in Inner Mongolia by the mining of rare-earth metals for the magnets in the turbines. This generates toxic and radioactive waste on an epic scale, which is why the phrase ‘clean energy’ is such a sick joke and ministers should be ashamed every time it passes their lips…”

  4. Bleakhouses says:

    We’re with you; all the way!

  5. Winston Mitchell says:

    One of my favorite places: Strike Valley Overlook
    (looking over the waterfold)

  6. annieoakley says:

    Capitol Reef National Park and the Waterpocket Fold. A favorite of mine.

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