New York Times – Recycling The Same Fake News For 70 Years

Seventy years ago this week, the New York Times said Greenland was melting and we were all going to drown. In fact, the situation was so serious that we needed to send money to an international agency of scientists to study it.

May 30, 1947 –

But not to worry, 28 years later they said we were all going to freeze to death and get buried by expanding ice. The solution was (of course) to send money to scientists.

May 21, 1975 –

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3 Responses to New York Times – Recycling The Same Fake News For 70 Years

  1. Lasse says:

    Chose a diagram that fits:

    Anyone who chose A is by some called a denier!

  2. arn says:

    It seems there is a natural law whereever taxpayers money finances scientists:
    This law is:
    Scientists need to come up with apocalytic scenarios to keep a/o increase your fundings.
    The more useless those scientists are the more frequent and apocalyptic their scenarios will be.

    Noone is willing to pay you when you say:Everything will stay the same in the next 200 years,
    as no scientists would be needed for the next 2 centuries.
    You don’t need a genius or an expert to tell you “nothing will change” year after year after year.

  3. Many years ago,, as a young Grad student, I attended a conference where a well known scientist (a climatologist) told us we would be hearing about a major climate event-global warming- and he continued (in response to a question inquiring about Accuracy…) “…in my opinion it has been cyclical doing that for several centuries…maybe for thousands of years… “He then used a projector to show us multiple pictures of lakes photographed from the air, taken from blimps airplanes, etc., of substantially water bodies in the region of the North Pole. Those pictures were taken in years ranging from the 1920s through the late 1960s.
    For years as a Dean of Faculty and Full Professor in promotion committees, ..tenure committes, and committees considering appeals to refusals of tenure or promotions, I encountered this ongoing debate as to “accuracy”. This information presented in the foregoing is reports from news media over the years of continual opinion and specifically to any discussion of this matter. I await the next go around concerning an “…oncoming Ice age….”

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