New Video : Climate Religion Part 1 : Heat And Hell Fire

I will be making a series of these showing how climate change is a religion, not a science.

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7 Responses to New Video : Climate Religion Part 1 : Heat And Hell Fire

  1. arn says:

    Climate Science is not a religion but science.
    Anyone who disagrees is a hereti…oops climate denier
    and will be crucifie….oops defamed
    and will burn in hel….oops rising earth temperatures.

    Our Jiha…oops fight
    for a global tax…oops
    to save planet earth
    will go on until everyone on planet earth either believes in Alla…ooops global warming
    or is killed for blasphem….ooops not believing in the official truth
    told by our mullahs….ooops scientists.

    Now repent!

  2. LOL in Oregon says:

    Repent and behave sinner!
    How dare you question our dedication to telling you what we
    …….. religiously believe!
    YOU must give up your soft life and your kids must sacrifice!

    So what if China will take over the world and get to moon, Mars, Alpha Centauri
    ..with your kids slaving away to do it!
    we know that China, Iran, N.Korea are all honest, truthful, etc!
    …they wouldn’t deceive you and let their kids win!

    => send your $$$ to all the “big guys” so they can lead you!
    ….(they need $$$ to live in the cities -it’s expensive, buy beach front property, etc)
    …..and their kids are much better than yours!
    On, yeah, send me $$$ too, I deserve!

  3. Bent-feather ? says:

    Very good insight there.

    It’s a very dangerous time! But there is HOPE. ?
    We can take comfort knowing that the Lord God of the Bible is
    the Actual Creator & has the Ultimate Control over this earth.
    Concerning the Arctic Ice Pack, He saw ahead where we would be now in our global warming crises, as well as our concern for war & speaks
    of this in ancient Scriptures. This is for us today!!!
    First, before typing a bit of this amazing stuff in here, let me say this:
    All of the claim over the Arctic that is not submitted to the Creator, & to
    His plans & purposes, holds no legitimacy with Him. He is the Sole Keeper
    Of the Arctic. He is going to fix this crises we face!
    Here is a sample!
    “Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow?
    Or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail, which I have
    reserved against the time of trouble,
    against the day of battle & war?”
    “The waters are hid as with a stone, & the face of the deep is frozen.”
    The face of the deep being frozen is speaking very specifically about the
    Arctic Ocean. No other ocean is like the North Poles, our precious Arctic!
    The South Pole sits on a continent, but that wasn’t the main concern…
    He cares about the polar bears. Those are his.
    The marine life that He made to live there are His.
    As a matter of fact, every thing in the earth is His.

    • gator69 says:

      What does Job have to do with the Arctic? These passages are meant to illuminate the ignorance of men, and not meant to give hope to polar bears.

      One nutty religion is enough, CAGW needs no encore.

  4. Bent-feather ? says:

    Grumble if you must. It is what it is.

    Also, much to your relief….Ms. Griff…
    or whomever is NOT the Keeper of the Arctic
    after all. I hope that clears that up!
    Neither are the liberals, or anyone else.

    • gator69 says:

      Neither are the liberals, or anyone else.

      I’m a liberal. I believe in the rights of the individual, and individual liberties. Those to whom you referred are “leftists”, or as the call themselves, “progressives”.

      And I’m not a grumbler, Job is simply not a treatise on the Arctic.

  5. “Climate Profits”!!!

    Just about sums them up Tony!

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