1975 – CIA Admits They Use The US Press To Manipulate Americans

“We will know our disinformation program is complete, when everything the American public believes is false”

– William Casey CIA Director 1981


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  1. arn says:

    For more information research “operation mockingbird”.

    After the Smith-Mundt act got repealed in 2012 it became even legal.
    As the CiA was created as globalist tool to force countries into line((dozens of regime changes all around the world,sometimes incl. the direct killing of statesman(Lumumba)
    and cooperation of corporations(the Acid to disolve lumumbas body was delivered by a belgium company)
    and for illegally importing drugs(air america,mayer-lansky)
    as soon as the hippie movement was started and the welfare state established by LB Johnson .
    (nowadays about 80%+ of those(&their children) who fall for the welfare and drugs vote the globalist party.

    The president who tried to end the cia with EO 11110 was shot
    and his successor instantly removed the order.

  2. rah says:

    My focus right now is Dorian. My girls moved into a home on the southside of Daytona less than a month ago. The home is 3 blocks from the coast though it does have a little peninsula that will act as a break water that lies between their home and the open water.
    Here is an e-mail I sent them right on August 12th shortly after they moved in:

    “Though the ACE index is only at 29% of average for the North Atlantic Basin where our hurricanes form as I write this, things are changing and we can expect the tropics to start firing up in a couple weeks. The dust and dry air over the Atlantic Basin MDR is dissipating. The weak Modoki El Nino is gone and the ENSO is now neutral and the MJO is moving towards sector 2. All of these point to conditions much more conducive for Tropical Storm development and strengthening in the Atlantic Basin. So it looks like there is a good chance the 2nd half of the Atlantic Hurricane season is going to be quite active. So I would suggest that Laura look into hurricane shutters for your new home ASAP. ”

    Here is the email I sent them this morning:
    “Slow moving CAT V! Absolutely devastating 160 mph sustained winds. An EF-3 tornado carries wind speeds of 135-165 mph and gusts in a hurricane like this will reach EF-4 tornado speeds. It would be foolish for anyone in the path to try and ride this one out! Even those on the periphery can expect a lot of tornado warnings as storms like this are apt to spawn tornadoes.

    The thing about storm surge. A dome of water forms under the hurricane because of the greatly decreased atmospheric pressure. That dome of water can be 50-100 miles in diameter and in a powerful storm like Dorian closer to the later. The dome can be several meters high! On top of that dome are huge waves driven by the winds. Rogue wave heights have been recorded up to 100 feet in storms like this! Worst storm surge occurs along the NW quadrant of the storm where the winds are driving the water towards shore because of the counter clockwise spiral of wind in a hurricane. The thing is Dorian is moving so slowly that the water will continue to pile up and be pushed further inland even as buckets of rainfall are coming down.
    Please be prepared to leave quickly. There is absolutely no assurance that the current forecast track is accurate and with the storm forecasted to make the turn northward so close to the Florida coast counting on the track forecast to be that accurate is playing Russian Roulette. I repeat! There is no riding out this storm in place if it hits where you live! Get the hell out of Dodge if there is any doubt. As things look now sometime Monday will come the crunch time to make the decision to go or stay.

    If the storm misses you and the weather is conducive once is has just past north go check out the beach and you will probably see that the water level will be considerably lower than normal for the tide state at the time. All that water being sucked into the dome has to come from somewhere and when a storm like this passes close to shore the water can recede well beyond where it would be normally during a given tide state. Kind of like what happens before a Tsunami. Speaking of tides. The tide state at the time a storm hits has to factored in. At storm striking at high tide will have more severe storm surge. “

    • Scissor says:

      Good luck to them.

      The most difficult part of evacuation is dealing with traffic. It might be a good time for them to visit you, especially since power might be out for a while and Florida without power is miserable.

      • rah says:

        Our family has a vacation home at Port Charlotte on the west coast. It’s empty right now and been offered to them. Nice place too! Complete with large Lanie opening into a caged swimming pool. Also a boat on the lift over the channel big enough to take out into the Gulf if one desires.

        • Scissor says:

          That will be nice and won’t have to fight the traffic.

          • rah says:

            When Hurricane Michael hit Punta Gorda across the Harbor from Port Charlotte, the channel behind the house drained so low our sea well cracked due to lack of water pressure.

            A combination of the storm sucking in the water due to low pressure and air being sucked towards that low just about completely drained that channel for a short while.

  3. Thomas Gilliland says:

    Hi Tony, here’s a link to Australia’s ABC radio with commentary on disinformation in the media. I’m surprised they let this one go through to the keeper, so to speak. I notice the author was careful not to mention climate change and refused to be drawn into commenting on CC on Twitter when questioned by an ACC believer, who of course thought it referred to scientists like yourself. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-29/humans-pessimistic-by-nature-but-future-not-all-bad/11452114

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