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Bernie Makes His Sea Level Forecast

Bernie says everyone needs to give up their cars, heat, light, communications, transportation and food, and submit to global communism – in order to protect President Trump’s resort.

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EPA : Five To Six Feet Of Sea Level Rise

The Milwaukee Journal – Google News Archive Search

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New Video : Progressive Thinking At The Washington Post

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Virtue Signaling For Only $9,000 / Mwh

Race to Green Grid Spurs 40,000% U.S. Price Hike, U.K. Blackout – Bloomberg

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Climate : Never, Ever Do Any Actual Research

This is a fairly typical climate study from academia. They definitively determined the motivations of people fighting the climate crisis scam, apparently without actually talking to any of the people they claimed to be studying.  Had they done that, they … Continue reading

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Michael Moore Exposes The Green Energy Scam

New Michael Moore-backed doc tackles alternative energy

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All Problems Can Be Solved By New Taxes

The Washington Post says Americans should be taxed in order to prevent bad weather caused by Chinese power plants, and they believe their thinking is progressive. A carbon tax is an effective and progressive solution for climate change. Why won’t … Continue reading

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New Video : Basic Science For Climate Scientists

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Alarmists Getting Exactly What They Wanted

The climate alarmist’s plan to kill off poor and elderly people is working perfectly in Germany, where old people now have to choose between food and heating their homes. High Costs and Errors of German Transition to Renewable Energy – … Continue reading

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Arrhenius – Earth To Boil

23 Oct 1902, Page 1 – The News-Herald at And 115 years later, Stephen Hawking was parroting the same nonsense. Stephen Hawking: Earth Could Turn Into Hothouse Planet Like Venus | Live Science Arrhenius made a fundamental error in … Continue reading

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