Arctic Sea Ice Update

Arctic sea ice extent initially bottomed out on September 6, and then winds pushed the ice edge back near Svalbard for a few days after September 11.

There has been a slight downwards trend since the 2006 minimum.


Ice is growing rapidly now in the Arctic Basin.

There has been a large ice gain since 2012.

This is being touted by the press as a “climate crisis.”

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18 Responses to Arctic Sea Ice Update

  1. Caleb Shaw says:

    When I glance over the ludicrous headlines I can’t help but shake my head and wonder about the writers involved. Have they no shame?

    As a young writer I was tempted at times to use my gift in some way that I knew was dishonest, writing untruth for profit, and I even attempted some rough drafts, and what I was struck by was how the wells of inspiration immediately dried up.

    In some ways writing lies (for me) was like a beautiful woman choosing to be a whore; all that goes into romance evaporates and life becomes bleak and merely a matter of stacking coins. In fact life, in the case of whores, tends to be tragically short; many of the girls pictured in pornographic magazines are already dead. In like manner I think life, in the case of writers who crank out propaganda, is withering away. (To use the symbolism of William Blake, “a worm is in the rosebud.”)

    Some very big money is being invested in the Big Lie, by evil men who seek power and wealth through deceit and even murder, and such big fish deserve to fry. However I feel pity for the little-fish fools they hire. I’ve seen many a young artist come to a bad end, in my time, beginning in the beauty of Truth but falling into the shame and disgrace of being basically a gigolo. For a time they perhaps can ruffle some money, but they lose some sort of nourishment vital to the health of the human heart, and wind up ugly as an old whore no one wants to spend a nickle on.

    All one can do is try to rescue them with the Truth. Didn’t even Jesus rescue a whore? In a lesser way we can speak Truth to power, over and over and over and over and over again. The Truth about sea-ice is but one of a thousand subjects. We have to keep the faith and keep fighting the good fight.

    • KevinPaul says:

      Nicely put Caleb.
      Integrity is absent in sociopaths, the most rewarded mental inclination in this sick world system. No softer pillow a clear conscience makes.

  2. DCA says:

    The German icebreaker Polarstern has just departed on a 1-year mission where researchers will intentionally allow the ship to become frozen into the arctic ice. To justify the need for this research, however, they are forced to admit how little they presently understand.  
    This mission is groundbreaking,” said AWI’s Markus Rex, head of MOSAiC. “For the first time we will be able to measure the climate processes in the central Arctic in winter. And so, for the first time, we will be able to understand this region and correctly represent it in climate models.”  
    Rex pointed to “very large… huge” uncertainties in global climate models, stemming from the lack of detailed data about the polar circle.”Our representation in our climate models is not on a firm basis,” he said. 
    “It’s almost the epicentre of global warming. At the same time, we know little about this region so far.”
    He warned: “We won’t be able to accurately predict our climate if we don’t have reliable forecasts for the Arctic.”  
    “The uncertainties in our climate models are nowhere bigger than in the Arctic,” said Markus Rex, head of MOSAiC and an atmospheric physics expert from the Alfred Wegener Institute. “There aren’t any reliable prognoses of how the Arctic climate will develop further or what that will mean for our weather. Our mission is to change that.”  

  3. Noel Herron says:

    Thanks for the update Tony , so it just about normal.

  4. John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia says:

    So the lowest Arctic sea ice extent is equivalent to the area of all the European Union countries of about 4 million sq kms.

    • gregole says:

      Thanks for that one! When we had the big deal minimum in 2012 I made a circle to the map scale of the United States and superimposed it on the map.
      There’s plenty of ice in the Arctic.

  5. Robert Heath says:

    If there was just one big lie told by climate alarmists, and one definite and provable fraud in the recording of data, then people could focus on them alone and would probably be more peruaded that it was all a hoax than by what the real case is, where there are so many thousands upon thousands of lies and false data that it becomes unremarkable by it very mundanity.

  6. MrGrimnasty says:

    I expect most of you’ve seen it, but anyway, another summary of yet more ‘inconvenient’ research on the Arctic.

  7. Vegieman says:

    Maybe I am missing something, but it seems like we’re walking on pins and needles in providing this update of a short term trend in anticipation of the alarmist’s likelihood to call it a crisis. It seems a bit off in even giving it any attention. Let them be the ones to voice these insignificant blips and then call them on their hypocrisy of calling anything that opposes their views as a mere weather event. I’ll be back to check this trend in five years or so. But thanks for the update.

    • Disillusioned says:


    • Disillusioned says:

      Everything that opposes their views IS a weather event. Their views don’t matter.

      Climate isn’t weather. Climate changes take place over a long period of time. Climate is about cycles. (If the website allows it, there may be a graphic below – present day is at the bottom right corner of the red rectangle on the far left. The Holocene Optimum is long past. The next big climate change is the fall off that cliff on which we precariously hang.)

      Disillusionment is a good thing.

  8. Mary Innes says:

    Sociopaths always rise to the top of the heap because they are willing to employ methods non-sociopathic people will not do. Unless we put a mechanism in place to prevent this, sociopaths will always be our rulers. We don’t let people who are color-blind become police or let blind people drive. We need to screen for and exclude sociopathic people from positions of power. Many large corporations do this. We need take sociopathy in society much more seriously.

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