Banning Conversation

War is peace Freedom is slavery Ignorance is strength Censorship is conversation

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18 Responses to Banning Conversation

  1. arn says:

    A monopol in media
    A monopol in tax-science
    A monopol in the UN
    A monopol in politics

    and still too afraid to lose without a monopol in conversation.

    I wonder why so many other disciplines do not have nor need all those monopols and still act more confident and open .

  2. Anon says:


    I think banning Conversation is both a Progressive’s coping mechanism and also the source of their problems. See:

    The Psychology of Progressive Hostility

    “To put it bluntly, Jonathan Haidt and his colleagues found that progressives don’t understand conservatives the way conservatives understand progressives. This he calls the ‘conservative advantage,’ and it goes a long way in explaining the different ways each side deals with opinions unlike their own. People get angry at what they don’t understand, and an all-progressive education ensures that they don’t understand.”

    And if you want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes and how insular the Progressive echo chamber is, listen to Haidt for 20 seconds:

    So there you have a 40 year-old, world famous liberal university professor with such a limited fund of knowledge. (jaw dropping, IMO)

    Imagine what the rest are like? Imagine what it must be like to encounter information that deviates from the CAGW hypothesis, the only “scientific” theory you have ever been exposed to ?

  3. Crispin in Waterloo says:

    The IPCC has an error reporting mechanism which is used to submit points of correction for their documentation. Why does this mechanism exist?

    It exists because people make mistakes, new information is discovered, and old misunderstandings are wiped away by new analyses. So they created a correction mechanism to improve their product.

    Why does consultation exist at all? For the same reasons.

    If “The Conversation” bans error corrections and alternative analyses of facts, events and opinion, then it is no longer a Conversation. It is a foolish form of propaganda that has lost its ability for self-correction. Where will that lead? The Conversation will have content that, sooner or later, wanders off into the wilds of error and misunderstanding.

    The name for what they are doing – blocking differing opinions – is called “mindguarding”.

    “The presence of these mindguards is one of the identified symptoms of Groupthink. This theory postulates that when a group of people, (for instance, a committee) are faced with a decision, the desire for conformity (and therefore the avoidance of conflict) can result in a dysfunctional decision-making strategy such as the making of poor decisions.

    “The purpose of the mindguard is to “filter” and control the amount of information that is available to the group in the name of attempting to focus, as well as to limit, the number of possible solutions that are likely to arise within the group. This phenomenon can be either positive or negative.”

    Why would anyone join a conversation than blocks conversations?

  4. GW Smith says:

    Only a moron could not see what is happening here, which is why they have any kind of audience at all, and why they stilt their voice towards safety and rectitude.

  5. Patrick says:

    Why has James Hansen’s testimony about “3 scenarios A, B, and C” disappeared? “Page not found”? I noticed this awhile back, but have never seen an explanation from NASA or GOOGLE.

  6. Maxxie John says:

    Hey Tony, could you give your source for the data used in the video
    My gift to climate alarmists
    So I can check it myself..??? Only then will I be totally convinced of the fraud.

  7. Patrick says:

    They are not only stopping the conversation, but they are controlling monetary policy and steering it away from fossil fuels. $47 trillion across Europe. This is what Trump has to fight here in the U.S.. Democrats control the banks.

    • arn says:

      Strange ,isn’t it.

      All the big tv stations having the same opinions who to vote,which country to bomb,which religion to promote and which to attack
      and which child to promote as next saviour.

      All the internet companies deciding the same day to ban the same persons on their platform.

      All the banks following UN agenda like dogs.

      And all of them so so politically correct,so globalist,
      so in favour of a global (co2) tax
      which is mandatory for a world government.

      One may start to think that they are all interconnected and run by some hidden hand,considering their fantastic synchronicity.

      • Disillusioned says:


      • Patrick says:


        It seems our own Federal Reserve Bank follows the same Climate God. When things are going well, they like to raise rates in order to “check” inflation. It must be nice to be able to suck 6% ($1.26 trillion) interest out of a United States, $21 trillion, fossil fuel-driven economy every year!

  8. lance says:

    Going to assume they have deleted your response tweet!

  9. Robertv says:

    Scientific consensus was convinced that the Earth was flat and in the center of the Universe. Their models proved that they were right.

  10. Jeff L. says:

    We have always been at war with Eurasia!

  11. KevinPaul says:

    First sign of madness, talking to yourself. Soon speech will no longer be free, and will require a blood sacrifice.

  12. CheshireRed says:

    This irony overload ought to be a pivotal moment, but will it be?

    Alarmists are simply out of control; they’re showing galactic arrogance, closing down debates and even calling for deniers to be arrested! They’re insane.

    Trump is the only man currently in office who can start unwinding this stupidity. I wonder if it’s pencilled in for term 2? We can but hope, because unless this hysteria is nixed they’ll just keep demanding more concessions from the world. And the way things are going…they’ll get them.

  13. Dave N says:

    I read through the first 100 or so replies to their tweet. Nearly all were giving The Censoration a total serve; even from those that still fall for the climate scam. I expect that most Australians are as passionate about free speech as in those in the US.

  14. 0romis says:

    They also did this on The largest news site of the Netherlands. A website that is also does the moderation of fakenews for facebook.

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