Changed My Twitter Handle

From @SteveSGoddard to @Tony__Heller

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9 Responses to Changed My Twitter Handle

  1. Jeff L. says:

    Good luck getting your “blue badge” from Twitter!

  2. MGJ says:

    That will upset all those people who argue that everything you have ever said must be false because your Twitter handle is not your real name. Not that they will address any of your arguments, of course; they’ll just find some other muck to fling.

    Have you considered mirroring your tweets onto social media outlets less poisonous than Twitter? I don’t touch Twitter with a barge-pole but I know some people manage to send their tweets (presumably automated) to services like Telegram.

  3. Cobwatch says:

    Dear Tony
    You took the Red Pill. Welcome to the real World. A good decision. Flak is incoming, pull that tin hat down tight…

  4. Alfonso says:

    Tony, please open a GAB account. I’m protesting twitter and closed my account. I closed my facebook account too!


    I have come to the conclusion that the real terrorists that we should be fearful of are the PPA’s.
    Privileged Prosperous Academics.
    We need the people who grow our food, organise transportation, design and construct things and those who serve our communities in so many ways.
    We don’t need PPA’s with narcissistic attitudes that lead the way to their sociopathic behaviour.
    Please keep up the good fight, Tony!

  6. Alfonso says:

    Tony, please open a gab account. I’ve closed my twitter and facebook accounts to protest their censure policies.

  7. feathers says:

    Congrats Tony! You have my upmost respect. Every once and a while you will hear the truth and it will ring so true that it cannot be denied, no matter how much mental gymnastics and cognitive dissonance is applied.

    That is you Tony! Of course you needed your actual name on your twitter handle.

  8. Daniel Kampo says:

    This is a breth of FRESH air . Keep up GREAT work !!

  9. gibby says:

    tony, you are a saint. please read this. it is important ₩¥£€♥♡★☆.
    please watch dr. shawn baker clips about the optimal
    human diet. your health is important for humanity.

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