New Video : My Gift To Climate Alarmists

This is my most concise expose of the climate scam.

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  1. spike55 says:

    It has been a MASSIVE, and unfortunately rather successful , exercise in indoctrination and social engineering.

  2. Fm06 says:

    Outstanding video Tony, keep up the great work.

  3. Noel Herron says:

    An excellent video Tony , humorous , enlightening and humiliating for the climate alarmists soviet. As for their day of action it was somewhat of failure , even with all the media hype , propangada, Luney left politians and Soros funded professional manipulators, the numbers were not that impressive for a so call world wide event. Sports events attract more attention. I suspect only a miniscule number of people in China or India have any awareness of that somewhat pathetic figure of Greta Thunberg and they were thinking how to extort funding from the west to aid their nonexsistent CO2 reduction programmes. However it is interesting the way they have focused in on innocent childern, Mao did the same thing , manipulating childern to denounce their teachers etc ,eventually leading to the red guards , and millions of deaths . In the end Even Mao recognised that it had gotten out of control and ordered a Chinese military crackdown . These people are very dangerous indeed , I wonder do the realise that many of the activist who started the Cultural revolution in China ended up being arrested and executed first. They act like a thoughtless ,emotional ,hysterical group of infants, pushed around by rather sinister shadowy background figures ( In theUN, The EU, USA deep state etc) , whose agenda they have no idea about. Dupes!

  4. feathers says:

    Awesome Tony. Every once and awhile we will hear something that is undeniably true, and its takes severe cognitive dissonance to twist yourself into believing the opposite.

    The problem is that the Climate Alarmist machine (MSM, academia, Big Tech, Hollywood, and Democrats) are controlling the narrative.

  5. Traveler says:

    Great summary of the situation.

    I noticed something in the video that was significant but not mentioned at the 4:08 mark. On the sea ice extent verbiage, it was stated that sea ice was registered if 10% coverage or more was detected per a 1983 reference. Currently, that number is a minimum of 15% coverage on the both the DMI and NSIDC websites. So, whenever the changeover occurred, a decrease in sea ice extent would be registered.

    I wonder when this definition change occurred. I also wonder if this change in methodology was accounted for in the graphics put out by NOAA and IPCC

  6. Aussie says:

    Great video Tony. I am sharing it with friends.

    Keep up the great work.

  7. Caleb Shaw says:

    Thank you, Tony. Your stamina amazes me. And you will succeed, because you have the power of Truth on your side. When I get fed up with Alarmist bleep and want to quit you inspire me to keep going.

    I used your sea-ice graph (that has the data Serreze leaves out) in a recent post about sea ice.

    I read that the current period is part of a concerted effort on the part of Alarmists to establish Global Warming as fact rather than theory. It must be opposed with Truth. You are definitely doing your part. Bill Gray is cheering from heaven. Thanks again.

    • Disillusioned says:

      I read that the current period is part of a concerted effort on the part of Alarmists to establish Global Warming as fact rather than theory.

      Is it a theory? I did not think Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming every got beyond the hyped-pothesis stage.

  8. Joel says:

    Agreed, one of the very best videos. Your software shows how data can – and is – so easily manipulated to push an agenda.

  9. Scissor says:

    This software is sort of like a Tipping Point Finder with the main feature being that is can be used to Hide the Decline. You’ll have to make sure that Michael Mann hasn’t trademarked “Hide the Decline.”

  10. Denis Rushworth says:


    An editorial nit. If you could increase the size of your cursor arrow when making these most excellent presentations, it would help my old tired eyes see more clearly. On my screen, your images are much reduced from full screen hence the cursor is very small.

  11. Steven Fraser says:

    This is great stuff, Tony. Your presentation, and the way you use your software and published materials to illustrate your points is outstanding. Illuminating, humorous, and thoroughly damning of those pushing the alarmism,

    It seems to me that these materials could form the basis of a scholastic study in the Sociology of Climate Alarmism Publication. Or, perhaps a less polished, but more accurate title… Materials and Techniques of Climate Alarmism Propaganda.

    I bet there is a PhD. thesis in there somewhere.

    Keep up the good work.

  12. CMC says:

    can I get an app of that beautiful software for my alarmist friends? just breath-taking showing the trend line changing as you move the date.

  13. Ed Bo says:

    You may want to add what Saikat Chakrabarti, AOC’s chief of staff, said about the Green New Deal:

    “it wasn’t originally a climate thing at all … we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.”

  14. Archie says:

    This seems like a good place to post this link to a recent presentation by Dr. Ball titled, “Prof. Tim Ball provides a comprehensive overview of the eugenic origins of CO2 alarmism.” Ties right in with Tony’s work.

  15. anothermaninthemirror says:

    Tony, thanks. Beautiful software. One guesses that whatever graphs of what ever events the Activist Climate Change Squad produce, with your software, you will be able to show exactly where adjustments have been made according to the time that they pick for the start of their records and publizise this scientific fact as scientific proof that this record has been “cherry picked” to only agree with their agenda concerning global warming, number of hurricanes, number of tornadoes etcetera….. brilliant! :)


    Thank you so much for this.

    If we don’t stop them soon this new religion will become more popular than Christianity with the same unbelievable assumptions.

  17. Gertie says:

    YouTube and Google suddenly wont let me share this video. The link seems to suddendly have broken. ?

  18. Robert Roddis says:

    My “YouTube” for smart TV produces about a dozen anti-Tony Heller videos before it lists the first Tony Heller video when performing a search for “Tony Heller”. Like this:

    Debunking Tony Heller’s ‘Gift to Climate Alarmists’

    He emphatically stated that because Mr. Heller has been refuted, there is no reason to ever again engage a climate denier.

    • tonyheller says:

      They are desperate

      • MN says:

        It is called Cognitive Dissonance. It is a mental disorder where the person so strongly believes omethnig that no matter how much smoking gun evidence is given to disprove it they cling irrationally all the harder to their beliefs. Thus, it is marked as a “religion” because its premises are taken on faith, not on fact. Frankly, Tony, I’ve been fighting these idiots for decades and came to realize circa 2002 that I wasn’t doing to for them. I’ve been posting articles to discussion groups, websites, Facebook discussion groups, comments on “news” articles and on and on… Frankly, Tony, that was by far the best 12 minute 50 second video I’ve ever seen. Put in into a test, PLEASE, and post up a brief comment on where all these graphs come from. I find out about you because Milloy on Junk Science posted a link to your video saying in HIS opinion it was the best he’s ever seen. I immediately tracked down your website and ALL OF YOUR content is smoking gun proof. The next question … how do we manage to get your video to go viral because every person on this planet needs to hear it, and then they need to vote appropriately in all upcoming elections. For all your persistence and hard work, THANK YOU!!!! I’ve already forwarded it on to my network and have already received accolades for your work and commitments to forward it on to others, MANY others.

  19. Mick Day says:

    Sounds like snake oil salesmen are alive and well and you are their leader.

  20. Lucas says:

    Tony can you point me to the specific publication that the graphic you debunked came from please? I can’t seem to find it.

  21. Ben Greve says:

    I just watched your video and was impressed with the manner in which you presented the data. I sent this video to all of my email pals and hope that they send it to others. Thank you for your integrity and clear explanations.

  22. CD Polidore says:

    In the early 2000’s a Danish researcher (see The Cloud Mystery) published findings about cloud cover and the effect on climate temperatures. By far the sun is the most influential contributor to climate temperatures. For brevity, latest research shows that lack of clouds will eventually contribute to rising temperatures. Some research states that CO2 contributes to climate change and this climate change reduces cloud cover, while other research claims cloud cover reduction is independent of CO2 and caused by sun activity like cosmic rays to magnetic fields. However, nobody has looked at the way clouds are formed. You first need micro-particles in the upper atmosphere for water vapor to condense on the particle as a raindrop. The EPA has plotted the downward trend of micro-particles in the atmosphere over the past many years. While I am not a climate scientist, it would seem that we’d have lower cloud cover with less micro-particles for moisture to condense and further with less particles, the existing moisture in the atmosphere will concentrate on fewer particles producing more significant downpours. Since a lot of these micro-particles are produced by coal and other air polluting sources I would like to see some research on the effects of pollution reduction in relation to reduced cloud cover. Pollution in urban areas is different than upper atmosphere pollution so it would seem there may be a correlation.

  23. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Tony, This post is referenced quite favorably by the esteemed Walter E. Williams, professor of economics at George Mason University, in an op-ed at the Daily Wire on November 23, 2019 entitled:
    WILLIAMS: Scientists: Dishonest or Afraid?

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