New Video : Rewriting America’s History

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  1. Anon says:

    The really sad thing is that scientists know this about the 1930s and now must be undergoing a government funded process not to know it?

    Extraordinary heat during the 1930s US Dust Bowl and associated large-scale conditions


    Two ocean hot spots have been found to be the potential drivers of the hottest summers on record for the Central US in 1934 and 1936. The new research may also help modern forecasters predict particularly hot summers over the central United States many months out.

    The unusually hot summers of 1934/36 broke heat records that still stand today. They were part of the devastating dust bowl decade in the US when massive dust storms travelled as far as New York, Boston and Atlanta and silt covered the decks of ships 450km off the east coast.

    “Only very rarely have we seen these very specific ocean regions warm at the same time over the past century, but those combined warm anomalies were never as strong as during the two record breaking years of 1934 and 1936.”

  2. Tom says:

    I just tried to post the video to my Facebook page. It will not post and Facebook claims a “technical” problem – “try later”.

  3. MrZ says:

    Hi Tony!
    Nice video as always
    Have you checked USHCN against same stations GHCN? Doing that you can also evaluate what data has become esti-/fabri-cated by comparing v3 and v4. I have done some random checks and the life of a measurement over the NOAA adjusted releases is simply amazing. Here is one TAVG example from the infamous July of 1936.

    42500138688 QCU:29.59C QCA:29.25C
    USC00138688 QCU:29.58C QCF:28.28C

    If you graph QCA minus QCF year by year for a specific month it will look like a staircase where the two eventually reaches the same value (2016). I remember reading v3 adjustments made the measurements “more pristine”. I guess not pristine enough…

  4. D. Boss says:

    Great work as always Tony. Though it is a bit disheartening – the climate cultists can now use the “altered statistics” to say all of us realists are just lying.

    I’d venture to say that despite a groundswell of realists speaking up, the “cult” won’t be thrown in the dustbin of history unless we enter a decade or more of serious cooling.

  5. Dan Paulson says:

    Tony have you seen this fraud? Claiming to have historical temperature data for every grid cell on earth back to 1880!

    You will be busy for months showing all the fraud in this mess. No surprise that I found this pinned on Zeke’s twitter.

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