September 23, 1886 : US Hurricane Six Of Seven

The most active US hurricane year was 1886, with four hurricanes hitting Texas and three hitting Florida. On September 23, 1886 Indianola, Texas was hit by their second hurricane of the season, which led to the permanent abandonment of the city. Record rainfall of 26 inches fell at Brownsville, Texas.  The September 23rd hurricane was the sixth of seven US hurricanes that year.

30 Sep 1886, 1 – The St. Albans Daily Messenger at

During the major hurricane of August 20, 1886 – the city of Indianola was destroyed.

26 Aug 1886, Page 1 – The Austin Weekly Statesman at

29 Sep 1886, 1 – The Journal Times at

More hurricanes hit the US in 1886 than during Obama’s entire presidency.

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9 Responses to September 23, 1886 : US Hurricane Six Of Seven

  1. P A Strong says:

    Hello Tony,

    I’m a Chartered Electrical Engineer with a very similar background to you, I was trying to find you email address but can’t. I’m looking at analysing temperature data so I have a reply when false claims are made about AGW (down under)
    Are you able to share or point to your sources of temperature data, I don’t really care about format, provided I know what it is.

  2. gregole says:

    Truly we live in wonderful climate times compared to the past. What on earth are all the alarmists going on about? As far as I can see, it’s simply money and power. Truth be damned.

  3. billtoo says:

    “yeah, I call foul. we didn’t know how to read a thermometer back in 1886, much less track a hurricane. we didn’t even have the weather channel!”

  4. Tina says:

    We lived about a mile from Indianola for a few years. One of LaSalle’s ships sank in that harbor hundreds of years earlier. It’s a spectacular story – the town was THE port for the gulf coast, rivalling Galveston. Most of Texas’ German settlers came in through there. Steamboat traffic was busy. The first refrigerated shipments of beef anywhere, went out of that port. Many of the major events of the Sutton-Taylor Feud occurred in Indianola.

    And it was all wiped out by hurricanes. Shortly after we moved there, Hurricane Claudette’s eye went right over our house. She was nothing like the hurricanes of the 19th century, but it sure did give us an understanding of what those poor people went through!

    • Caleb Shaw says:

      Indianola was the first attempt at a major Texas port. Wiped out in 1886. Galvelston was the second, wiped out in 1900. There is a reason Houston was built so far inland.

      Folk learned the hard way, but they did learn.

  5. Charles Bates says:

    As far back as Maurice Strong, United Nations planned to use global warming alarmism as a way to destroy capitalism and redistribute world wealth.

  6. John says:

    Unfortunately the paper which is the basis of the BBC report is behind a paywall

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