Stolen Childhood

Greta Thunberg travels the world in multi million dollar yachts, skips school and might get the Nobel Prize.  She cries and says her childhood was stolen by something she imagines is going to happen sometime in distant future, based on misinterpretations of worthless climate models by clueless academics who are being funded to push an agenda.

The Hidden Environmental Impacts of Photovoltaic Panels – George Washington Journal of Energy & Environmental Law

Greta demands that the world switch over to clean solar energy, which uses huge amounts of energy to manufacture, produces large amounts of pollution and exploits child labor.

include environmental impacts such as acid mine drainage; large scale arsenic emissions; cyanide and mercury poisoning of waterways; and consumption of as much as ten percent of the world’s energy usage, not to mention the widespread human rights abuses and child labor exploitation in mineral rich regions of the developing world like Chile and Bolivia

The Hidden Environmental Impacts of Photovoltaic Panels – George Washington Journal of Energy & Environmental Law

Experts say that using cobalt makes solar cells more sustainable.

Cobalt replacements make solar cells more sustainable

These children are mining cobalt for Greta in the Congo, while she travels on yachts.

Thanks to the brilliant thinking of climate alarmists, Germany is switching over from German fossil fuels to Russian fossil fuels.

Germany’s Coal Plants May Escape the Junkyard as Big Batteries – Bloomberg

Note how Bloomberg tries to make it sound like Trump is the bad guy, rather than Merkel and the climate scamsters – who are making Putin rich.  It is all about saving the planet – no doubt.

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19 Responses to Stolen Childhood

  1. Gummans Gubbe says:

    Hey, I watched the ippc gore video that got them the Nobel price. With matchsticks holding my eyes open. A retard show. Mann hokey stick and all.

    Gretard winning it would be a nice addition to the winning lists of previous mass murderer’s. Because that will happen to all of our children if this keeps on..

  2. Rah says:

    They indoctrinated Goldilocks with a nasty fairytale with a bad ending and turned her into Scoldilocks. That girl will probably never get her head screwed on straight and be doomed to an unproductive miserable life.

  3. Gator says:

    One of you best posts Tony! The human cost of this leftist pipe dream is larger than any genocide in history, larger than Hitler, Mao, and Stalin combined.

    If anyone stole Greta’s childhood, it was her parents.

    • Prometheus says:

      Yep. Her parents stole her childhood. She’s going be an adult in less than 2 years. Her childhood is basically over, and the world is ticking along just fine. I feel bad for her in the sense that her parents have preyed on a vulnerable mind, filling it with deranged, apocalyptic fantasies to use her as a weapon for their own political agenda.

      • sophia says:

        read through her bio, dude :) she’s no way miserable, or poor (and soon won’t be considered a child either). though she’s obviously a puppet for the greedy and power thirsty elites, at home she is the one who rules over her family. it’s a sort of codependant double bind. follow it:
        1. there is a married couple of swedish acting/media celebs, mom and dad thunberg (yes, I know, they have different last names, it’s a simplification :)) with a very strong media ties and a lot of publicity on demand, where daddy is an actor and movie producer, and mommy is a known opera soprano, both of them are “woke” eco-activists, flying all over the world “fighting” all of these trendy “eco-crisis” stuff by giving speeches, singing cumbaya and doing all this silly elitist hippie stuff.
        2. then greta is born. but it doesn’t stop her parents from making money and busting their fame, as they’ve always done. so, as one could rightfully assume, the child doesn’t see her mommy and daddy very often, so she gets depressed and angry, as would any abandoned child in her place. she replaces them with TV, as did millions of other children in similar circumstances. and the super-woke swedish TV fills her head with eco-alarmist propaganda, non stop, 24/7/365.
        3. at the age of 8 it becomes visible that greta isn’t ok. she becomes anxious, stops eating and talking and gets her diagnoses (but I doubt that her autism is real. it’s just too trendy, and the other one, that looks much more in place – attention seeking hysteria – isn’t anymore :) it’s not pc enough to give it to a girl, it sounds so misogynist… :) but it has the very same symptoms, and gets along with her other diagnoses – ocd, adhd and selective mutism – just fine :) also, her ability to focus on one sole interest that makes her live in a constant fear is pure ocd, and ocd is all about control: when the one feels he has no control on his own life and uses his so called ‘magic thinking’ to develop all sorts of strange rituals to calm down his anxiety. and eating disorders of all sorts are on the top of the list. also, they usually try to get control of other people’s lives, especially their closest relatives, their family. ocd people are the biggest control-freaks :) and so is greta. follow me…
        4. she starts to gain control over her family:
        for the sake of her eco-anxiety she demands them to go vegan, to quit flying, to move all the house to a green energy and to give their summer house (they are pretty rich) to the migrants :) after a short struggle they comply and it ends mommy’s singing career, so she ought to look for other options: their now “green” life costs a lot more money, when their income have decreased in more than a half. so…
        5. mommy decides to cover the gap writing a book about the daughter when still pushing her usual eco-alarmist agenda, so she blames it all on… the climate change! wow! isn’t it brilliant? :)
        6. so greta goes on her school strike and COINCIDENTLY (bwahaha) meets there this eco-PR-prof, just a couple of days before the release of mommy’s book… what a lucky girl :) with a long list of such lucky incidents, lots of help from her mother’s media friends and a bunch of PR specialists she becomes very famous, and from this moment we all know how it went on…

        I should also mention that her younger sister beata has the same diagnoses, all of them, only hers manifest in a much more harsh way. this fact alone brings a lot of doubt about the correctness of greta’s diagnosis. you can have two autistic children, it happens. but you barely can have two kids of different age that have all of their diagnoses echoing each other. what I see here is a sibling envy and a fight for mommy’s attention :) and what I see in said mommy is a sort of delegated and well monetized sort of munhgausen. in my eyes, greta isn’t autistic, she’s a histrionic psychopath, and so is her mother, and her sister is the one who I feel sorry for, because greta stole the childhood from her, literally. she had to imitate (unconsciously, instinctively, so it’s not her fault, of course, it’s her pain, she’s the pure victim of her family: both parents and the older sister) the behaviour through which her sister gained her sister said attention in front of her eyes, from her first day of life. she could have a much better life if greta wasn’t there first. and of course, if her parents weren’t such arrogant virtue signaling douchebags.

  4. Andy says:

    Although it is good to bring global warming into global focus to get scientists and governments to spend time working out the extent of the problem ( an on going task for this non trivial problem) I do think Greta’s team of advisers have gone off the rails somewhat.

    The first climate strike for children was widely reported by the BBC, the second one has nothing on the front page. Parents are happy for kids to take one day off, and so are kids, but then back to business. So today’s strike has a lot less impact. So that was a wrong call.

    The 2nd wrong call was

    This action has alienated countries who have less pollution, but are signed up to that accord and also the Paris agreement, most typically the French.

    It’s never going to do anything solid even if it accepted for discussion there because that body has no powers.

    Rather than taking a pop at Greta, who is intelligent and strong willed but lacks experience in the world, better take a pop at her “advisers” no doubt adults who come up with this hair brained scheme to use the UN in that way. She cannot, and the other children named in that pieces have decided on their own to pursue that course, they probably had never even heard of it before it was done.

    I’m still waiting to see if she flies back or boats. If she flies then she, and her entourage, will be hypocrites.


    • Gator says:

      Why do you hate poor brown people Andy Andy?

      • Andy says:

        Because I like to lick rich yellow people of course.

        You don’t have to ask me this question again, just cut and paste this reply and print it out and stick it in front of your keyboard,



        • Gator says:

          Well at least you admit to hating them Andy Andy, but I’m not sold on your silly reasoning. I believe it is because you consider them to bee less valuable than others, and therefore expendable to your cause.

          But hey, thanks for being honest about the fact that you do hate poor brown people, unlike Ms Griff and Genocide Jim.

    • paul courtney says:

      Andy says, “I’m still waiting to see if she flies back or boats.” Based on the worshipful press I see, walking is an option for her. I won’t wait to find out if the entourage travels by air or boat, because we already know they exploit children.

  5. arn says:

    The most ‘funny” thing abput Greta Carbo’s stolen childhood is
    that she herself did not knew that her childhood was stolen
    until a few month ago.
    But since she became famous and travels the world to read some stupid stuff from papers all of her life has become a maximum tragedy.

    But i”m pretty sure if her childhood was really stolen,eg by cultural rape enrichment,she would not say a single word.

  6. JCalvertN(UK) says:

    What a zinger!

  7. Richard maciejewski says:

    Stop talking about her and don’t give her the publicity she does not deserve.

  8. David of Aussie says:

    Greta with Aussie Accent

    Warning Language

  9. John says:

    “How dare you?” In the words of the motto of the U.K. Special Air Service “Who Dares Wins”

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