Catastrophically Bad Journalism At The Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald says sea level is going to rise to catastrophic levels, due to melting of “sea ice glaciers.”

Hotter oceans, wilder weather, less ice: the IPCC upgrades projections to catastrophic

There is no such thing as a “sea ice glacier” – and if there was it wouldn’t add to sea level, as Archimedes determined thousands of years ago.  There has been almost no sea level rise outside the offices of SMH over the past 120 years. They should probably look outside the window.

No long-term tide gauge shows any indication of an acceleration.  If there was, it would be visible as an upwards curvature in every tide gauge.


Sea Level Trends – NOAA Tides & Currents

The graph below plots the IPCC projections on top of reality. Any snake oil salesman can make a projection.  Actual scientists cross-check to see if it makes any sense.

Thirty years ago, the Canberra Times predicted the Maldives would be underwater by now.

26 Sep 1988 – Threat to islands

This is what the Maldives look like today.

Live Cam Kuredu Island Resort

No matter how many times climate alarmists fail, they come back with more of the same idiocy.

Rising sea levels could make thousands of islands from the Maldives to Hawaii ‘uninhabitable within decades’ | The Independent

However, two hundred years ago – some of the Maldives Islands actually were disappearing.

17 Feb 1837 – ACCOUNT OF THE MALDIVES. – Trove

Barack Obama fear-mongered about sea level rise his entire presidency, and just purchased a $15 million dollar home at sea level in Massachusetts. Apparently climate fear mongering pays well.

Barack and Michelle Obama buying $14.85M Martha’s Vineyard estate

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