This Week In 1772 – St. Croix Destroyed

“On Monday Night last blew the most violent Hurricane that has ever been known”
– September 4, 1772

” a divine rebuke to human vanity and pomposity”
– Alexander Hamilton

29 Oct 1772, Page 1 – The Virginia Gazette at

“every house almost at Christianstadt, and all the plantations and negro-houses leveled. Only three houses left standing at Frederickstadt, and numbers of people killed.”

Scots Magazine – Google Books

29 Oct 1772, Page 1 – The Virginia Gazette at

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6 Responses to This Week In 1772 – St. Croix Destroyed

  1. Alan Weston says:

    Love your work Tony,
    The loony left – socialist climate cult and junk science fraternity hate you I know, but they have always hated those who speak the truth. Please push on presenting your videos with the excellent research that you do.
    I only wish we could get you to visit our educational institutions in Australia and do some presentations of your work.
    I have been speaking against this propaganda since it was – global warming, holes in the ozone, global cooling, etc.etc. and now M M Climate change. there has always been a hidden agenda behind it all. Cheers

  2. Bob Hoye says:

    Good sleuthing.
    I know that sometimes it is helpful to listen with an accent.
    But with the “f” and “s” letters of the period so confusing I ended up reading with a lisp.
    First time.

  3. Disillusioned says:

    Fake news. The science is settled. That could not happen without modern carbon pollution. /s

  4. rah says:

    Sept. 8th, 1900 the people of Galveston had no warning when the deadliest hurricane in US history came ashore and practically wiped the island clean. Labor Day 1935 the people of Key West had little warning one of the most powerful storms ever seen was bearing down on them. The train belatedly trying to carry many to safety didn’t make it. During WW II US fleet units were blind sided multiple times by Typhoons.

    Now days a truck driver in the Midwest can sit in his study and know about a tropical wave as soon as it manifests off the African coast. Benefiting from the great work of the real experts, both passed and present, he can sit in his study and warn friends and family in a single e-mail that conditions are changing and that the tropics are likely to fire up two weeks before the actual even occurs. And then when the event does occur explain the mechanics of a hurricane and the steps that need to be taken to be ready to those he Loves that may be in the path.

  5. Hoipolloi says:

    Agree… luv your work Tony. Keep it coming. You have to have a follow up to your “Stairway To Heaven Video” to explain to the “others” that all the temperatures across America show NO increase……. just in case they “don’t gettit”…. Thanks.

  6. grilledtomatoes says:

    This stuff is unbelievable! Bravo.

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