Why BOM Hides Temperatures Before 1910

I have added the ability to combine stations to my software, and it becomes obvious why BOM hides all temperatures before 1910. They were very hot.

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5 Responses to Why BOM Hides Temperatures Before 1910

  1. Jack Hilgen says:

    Why is Bathurst so important?

    • tonyheller says:

      There are only a dozen or so locations in Australia with coherent long term temperature data. You can’t understand a forest except by studying trees.

  2. Cam says:

    In Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada has eliminated use of 100 years of data prior to 1950 because it’s been deemed of insufficient concentration to be valid. Instead, they are only going to use climate models to show what the weather was like prior to 1950.

    • Ed Itor says:

      A sad day indeed for us Canadians. (I think you meant to say “Instead, they are only going to use climate models to show what the weather was like AFTER 1950.) ;-)

      At any rate, The Ministry of Truth hath spoken. haha!

  3. Alexander says:

    The excuse that the Australian BOM gave me, was that prior to 1910, the use of Stephenson’s Screens was not the norm. How many degrees of bias would be introduced if this were ignored? Like you, I am suspicious ;)
    BTW I have compared the HQ (Homogenized) data with the raw (UNhomogenized) and like you, find that all the ‘random corrections’ for missing data result in an artificial positive temperature trend. This is not true for the big cities where the massive heat island effects are somewhat reduced by homogenization..

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