1903 : Dauphine Alps Glaciers Shrinking 50 Feet Per Day

22 Oct 1903, 2 – The Newton Journal at Newspapers.com

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10 Responses to 1903 : Dauphine Alps Glaciers Shrinking 50 Feet Per Day

  1. another Jim says:

    So they should have shrunk by 400 miles or so by now.

  2. G W Smith says:

    You would think the greens would be elated if we went into another ice age, and everyone had to huddle up around the equator in order to survive. Not me. But it will happen again, if historical cycles likely keep repeating.

  3. Gator says:

    Isn’t it refreshing to see glaciers accurately described as “prehistoric”. They are holdovers from a very different time, and are interlopers in our current interglacial.

  4. Thomas Heath says:

    You’ll all appreciate this short video. (Predictably, the Klimate Katastrophists do not. ;-)

    About 25’000 years ago, Alpine Glaciers filled most of the valleys and even extended onto the plains. Using a computer model that contains knowledge on glacier physics based on modern observations of Greenland and Antarctica and laboratory experiments on ice, help from traces left by glaciers on the landscape, and one of the fastest computers in the world, this animation is an attempt to reconstruct of the evolution of Alpine Glaciers in time from 120’000 years ago to today.

    Advance and retreat of the Alpine glaciers during the last glacial cycle:

    Spread this far and wide.

  5. Rhys Read says:

    I remember reading in the 70s about growing glaciers threatening to wipe out towns in Switzerland. Any chance you can dig up those articles Tony?

    • Gator says:

      I lived and traveled in Europe during the ice age scare, and I recall alpine villagers terrified that they would lose their homes and farms to the advancing glaciers. They were simply parroting what they had been told by the “experts”, and what was being touted by the press.

  6. aido says:

    So what?

    Antarctica 90%. Greelland 8% Arctic plus all the 12,000 or so mountain glaciers 2%.

    Who’d miss a few glaciers?

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