1939 Fires Burned Most Of The Forest From Melbourne To Canberra

h/t Craig Kelly MP

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4 Responses to 1939 Fires Burned Most Of The Forest From Melbourne To Canberra

  1. Peter Carroll says:

    Reporters here in Australia have reached a level of paranoid hysteria rarely seen in a civilized society. This is currently being fueled by a visit by none other than, Michael Mann, spreading his version of a climate apocalypse. Then we get an article on our bush fires by a professor from the MET Office in England, backed up by, wait for it, The University of East Anglia’s, Climate Research Unit!
    Thankfully we do have voices of reason in our government, Craig Kelly is one, who are not blinded by the current flood of emotion and misinformation.

    • Aussie says:

      I am not so sure about reason here. Our Science Minister Karen Andrews has chimed in with ignorant and ridiculous statements on “climate change’

      I have been onto her office and am booking an appointment to see her – I simply cannot believe how a so called Science Minister from the LNP (who won the “climate change” election) can turn into a science denier. Well I can – she appears to be trying to capture greenie votes…

      The recent lurch to “more renewables” and a complete abandonment of reason over the bushfires is very disappointing.

  2. Scottleft says:

    Why am i not surprised?…because the flora of this great continent has EVOLVED to deal with fire, they are generally the only plants that survive and flourish when so many recently introduced species die off in drought, the 12 year cycle of drought, fire and flood is also utilised by Cicadas and other species the natives were careless with fire as they could afford to be, they never intentionally let the fuel build up, they set fires for warmth and often left a tree to burn overnight and all day for the next night, they used fire to ctch prey, and when paths became impassable due to overgrowth, they burned it….only our gift of the iron axe, changed their pattern….they lived with the cycles this way for 40-60 thousand years and managed quite well without panicking about the wrath of deities causing the end of the world….Greenies that pretend to pay respect to the original owner/occupants, need to learn from them.

  3. Peter Carroll says:

    Further to my first post on reporters in Australia.
    The Sydney Morning Herald, have finally plumbed the depths of greenhouse gas emissions stupidity.
    An article published on line on 16 Jan 2002 has stated that, “greenhouse gas emissions are likely to rise, if the current drought breaks”.
    The article written by Mike Foley, the “climate and energy correspondent”, ostensibly quotes the, Australian National University, Climate Change Institute’s, Professor Mark Howden, who said, “A break in the drought could again push our ’emissions’, so they are again, trending upwards”.
    Eastern Australia is in its third year of drought (not abnormal) but we have had two days of rain over some of the drought and fire affected areas, with the possibility of three more days of rain. Not drought breaking, but helpful.
    Yet it appears whatever happens, we can’t win. According to Mark Howden, that is bad news. Our, ’emissions’, could be, “trending upwards”.
    Why publish this crap?
    Australia’s media, particularly the SMH, has reached the same level of climate hysteria, paranoia and absurdity, as the BBC

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