Extreme Fuel Loads In Victoria

On October 30, 2019 Victoria was warned that extreme fuel loads put Victoria at risk.


Scientist David Packham on what’s really causing the bushfires

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5 Responses to Extreme Fuel Loads In Victoria

  1. Robertv says:

    It has everything to do with criminal politicians working for the deep state.

  2. Small typo.. I think “but” should be “put”.
    As usual, terrific research and much needed to bring some sanity to this issue.
    Thanks heaps Tony.

  3. Robert Gipson says:

    Similar political infighting regarding California wildfires. The real experts (state forestry and fire departments) recognized overgrowth due to lack of responsible forest thinning was a major factors in recent California fires, whereas the Governor did nothing but repeatedly parrot “climate change.”

    Besides lack of responsible forest management, the other two big factors were Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) power lines, and arsonists. They caughts several arsonists over the last few years.

    Before the Long Knives came to California, native Americans regularly did controlled burns to renew wildlife habitats. It meant more game.

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