New Video : 80 Years Of Climate Change

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  1. Prue says:

    Tony Hi I LOVE your work especially as I am in Australia so you exposing some of the BS going on down here at present is really reassuring I wish I could just email you rather than have to make a public comment I am asking about this article I am sure it is BS but how do I counter it?

    • Prue says:

      PS Tony if you are the moderator please dont publish my comment thanks If you could send me an email to the email I filled in on the comments section that would be great If you are too busy please just delete both comments anyway Thanks for all your work

  2. David of Aussie says:

    “There can be few if any races who for so long were able to practice the delights of incendiarism.”
    Geoffrey Blainey “Triumph of the Nomads – A History of Ancient Australia.” Macmillan 1975.
    The Australian Landscape was Made by Fire

    The Fire-lighter was the most powerful tool that early humans brought to Australia. Fires lit by aboriginal men and women created the landscape of Australia.

    They used fire to create and fertilise fresh new grass for the grazing animals that they hunted, to trap and roast grass dwelling reptiles and rodents and to fight enemies.

    They also used it to send smoke signals, to fell dead trees for camp fires, to ward off frosts and biting insects, and for religious and cultural ceremonies.

    Their fires created and maintained grasslands and open forests and extinguished all flora and fauna unable to cope with frequent burn-offs.

    Early white explorers and settlers recorded the smoke and the blackened tree trunks. They admired the extensive grasslands, either treeless or with well-spaced trees, and no tangled undergrowth of dead grass, brambles, branches and weeds.
    Fire was Essential to Aboriginal Nomads

    Making fire without tinder boxes or matches is laborious. So, most aboriginals tried to keep their fires alive at all times. When on the move (a common situation), selected members of the tribe were charged with carrying a fire stick and keeping it alight.

    In really cold weather several members may have each carried a fire stick for warmth. When the stick was in danger of going out, the carrier would usually light a tussock of dry grass or leaves and use that flame to rejuvenate the fire stick (or light a new one).

    As they moved on, they left a line of small fires spreading behind them. They have been observed trying to control the movement of fires but never tried to extinguish them.

    Early explorers who ventured inland were amazed to find extensive grasslands and open woodland. Their reports attracted settlers to these grassy open forests and treeless plains with mobs of cattle and sheep.

    Despite modern folk-lore tales about aboriginal fire management skills, anyone reading diaries from early explorers such as Abel Tasman (1642) and Captain Cook (1770) soon learned that aboriginals lit fires at any time, for many reasons, and NEVER tried to put them out.

  3. czechlist says:

    “… I will vote for whomever the Democrats select this November, including Steyer or Bloomberg.”
    “…This is a story of how wealth and power have corrupted science in pursuit of political goals. “

    • George Hilman says:

      Steyer and Bloomberg are truly enemies of the truth, and hence the people.

      There has never been a millionaire or billionaire made who didn’t depend on the existence of large populations of people who on the average had some money and property.

      Now, some of these very wealthy have gone on record saying that the human population should be reduced drastically. Is this a move to protect their position in the moneyed hierarchy?

  4. Denis Rushworth says:

    Of course we all know now that those very high reported temperatures a hundred or more years ago were way too high and need downward adjustment. Say perhaps to 75F at 60% humidity? And the dead? They doubtless died of hysteria bought on by errant high temperature reports.

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