Things You Won’t Hear Reported By The Press Today

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11 Responses to Things You Won’t Hear Reported By The Press Today

  1. Mr Sir says:

    How about the fact that it was 19 degrees Celsius in Norway?

    • Disillusioned says:

      This thread is about things you won’t hear reported by the press -NOT about those things that were. You are a little slow on the uptake, little boy.

  2. Bob G says:

    I live in Minnesota and there’s a saying here when it’s cold in Minnesota it’s warm in Alaska and when it’s cold in Alaska it’s warm in Minnesota so far we’ve had a very mild start to winter here but check out the temperatures in Fairbanks Alaska over the last few weeks and the coming forecast and it’s been brutal in Alaska

  3. Arvid says:

    Fake news on human climate change is hypnotizing the world. It is creating a level of fear which has infiltrated all of society from little children to heads of government.
    However, as love will always conquer fear, truth will always conquer lies.
    The brainwashing of the masses will eventually collapse into the foundation-less pit from which it has arisen from.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Yes. Actual climate data don’t support the propaganda-induced concern.

      The only thing propping it up is the propaganda coming out of UN lapdogs in media and government who keep parroting it. They must keep re-introducing and repeating the Big LIE to keep it afloat, and it will die as soon as they stop doing so.

      The bigger questions are, why do they keep reproducing and repeating the Big LIE and what is their incentive to keep repeating it? And lastly…

      … what would cause them to stop repeating it?

      After a decade of following this, it seems to me there needs to be another manufactured ‘global’ concern to take the place of AGW/CC. Until then, I think the beat goes on and this globalist shell game continues.

      • John Francis says:

        Its all ,on the human side, about population control. The dots seem to connect.
        Another front is the spiritual battle.
        Btw, I believe in 2018, suicides worldwide were greater than homicides; victims of war and something else (which my memory is holding back)

  4. John says:

    Here in Australia, Michael Mann is spreading his climate alarmism. According to him we reached the tipping point …..

    • Ed Itor says:

      The hare-brained Mann is in Australia taking a six month “sabbatical”. Ten bucks says he’s actually down there inciting the useful idiots to light fires.

  5. Cadillac of the skies says:

    Anyone know how many feet deep the other unrecovered airplanes are as of now?

  6. Phil Paulbeck says:

    Living in Minnesota on the border with Canada I welcome warm. Climate hysteria is promoted by the NWO elites to encourage low information citizens to give up their liberty for imaginary security.

  7. Stella Ashley says:

    ”The truth is like a Lion, you do not have to defend it. Let it loose, it will defend itself”
    Augustine of Hippo

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