3992 Days Left

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3 Responses to 3992 Days Left

  1. Mrs. Cathy Norman says:

    Ohhhh. Thank you for
    Sharing your visions with us. How beautiful!

  2. Margaret Smith says:

    Lovely video! Shame to think it’s all going to end so very soon…. Beyond the leftist political hype, do people actually believe this???

    • Mikael Reichel says:

      Yes lovely photo of a season soon to be. People in general are driven by emotions, in fact emotions is the language of our brains. Hence rationality is a conscious effort to reduce the level of emotion for whatever purpose it is needed. People who respond strongly to be told they are emotional and not rational may exhibit an emotional response, totally unaware of it. In the climate debate I find the Alarmists are highly emotionally guided. The paradox here is that as us “deniers” are trying hard to be rational, these two universes of emotions and rationality are orthogonal, resulting in very large effort required in communicating facts. We also have a case of it all becoming a beleif system, a religion or sect. Kahneman´s work in “thinking fast and thinking slow” illustrates this all too well. Yes, people really believe this, in social sciences it is well established that we are 5-7 times more sensitive (as in responding) to negative information than positive.

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