Arctic Winter Temperatures Down Several Degrees Since 2016

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24 Responses to Arctic Winter Temperatures Down Several Degrees Since 2016

  1. Vandy says:

    What puzzles me Tony is this: why is the volume of ocean ice in 2020 not higher compared to 2017, 2018, and 2019? We have a larger sea ice extent in 2020 compared to those years, and temperatures in the fall preceding the winter being lower. 2019 fall temperatures are lower than 2016 as seen in your graph. Now winter temperatures are lower than 2017. Yet volume is lower?

    Are there a lot of volcanoes on the arctic ocean floor that are active?? Have not heard anything about that….

  2. MrGrimNasty says:

    Much more stable than years of late too, suggests the polar vortex has healed itself!
    (Or they have changed something. Some graphs from previous years are broke.)

  3. Bob Hoye says:

    2016 was pushed up by the strong El Nino.

  4. Lasse says:

    DMI calculates:
    Volume at low.
    Area at high.
    Thin ice cover , record outgoing energy?
    Thermostat is at work!

  5. Steven Fraser says:

    Wow! Looking back at the history, its been very rare recently that the chart did not get up to 250K by this date. This year, only a smidge (technical term) more than a 5 degree range.

    Many, many previous years had 10-15 degree spikes by now. This year… not so far.

  6. John F. Hultquist says:

    Last year a DMI web page Link explained that the anomaly of +8 C. degrees [ 8C° not 8°C ] was a “rapid increase” while the chart shows it just dropped by 4 degrees. {Note these are anomalies}
    I wonder if they will re-write the text?

    Also, note that their use of 1958-2002 for average temperature does NOT include the recent 18 years. Good choice that!

  7. rah says:

    The AMO is still positive but after peaking in about 2010 it’s been creeping down.

  8. Joel says:

    We’ve had snow on the ground for weeks outside of Boulder. Usually, it melts completely in a couple of days. More snow ahead too. Sure signs of Global Warming.

  9. MP says:

    The cooling trend is climate change. The warming trend is climate change. The droughts are climate change. The floods are climate change.

    Maybe it’s just weather.

  10. Bjørn Rudholm says:

    It seems that the climate “debate” is distributed worldwide from Hollywood. A few days ago, I emailed some journalists, how they misinform the readers by publishing poor “science”. By surprise, the Editor in Chief for a small newspaper in Denmark, responded my mail and his friendly answer was mainstream climate “information”. He referred to a danish professor Sebastian Mernild( – CEO and a Full Professor in Climate Change and Glaciology. He’s the CEO of the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (NERSC; also known as the ‘Nansen Center’) in Bergen, Norway.). I responded that I knew about the guy and I wrote that Professor Sebastian Mernild believes in climate change driven by CO2 etc. A few days prior our email correspondance, I saw Prof. Mernild debating on tv, the “scary climate changes”. The young host told to Mr. Mernild, that the only thing he knew about climate changes, was from his time in school. From that point Mr. Mernild and the host had a good time, laughing and joking in front of a lot of young people about global warming, sea level rising, and the spectators didn’t observe how Mr. Mernild had a good time by misinforming them all. It was a cartoonish performance. The climate alarmism causes huge problems for all countries and for Denmark and other very tiny countries, is the lack of land a big issue regarding windpower and sunpanels – We don’t have enough space for imaginative politician “Green Energy” thinking. They will destroy our country/countries by Ignorance and Ideology. It seems to me, that almost a hole generation worldwide, is spelled by a very staged/orchestrated game. That’s the really scary part – Not the Natural Climate Changes.

    • gregole says:

      Sorry to hear what a strangle-hold the climate cult has in Europe. True, energy policies like wind farms and solar power are ill-suited to you. Best bet for a small footprint of energy generation is nuclear power and gas-fired power.

      I bet Denmark is dead-set against nuclear.


      Those windmills will never do the job. The only reason they are there is because Europeans have enough disposable cash to waste on these vanity projects.

  11. OldFogey says:

    Tony, I’m not quite sure I get the point.

    If I were a Climate Alarmist I would claim: “Temperatures for 2020 are well above the 1958-2002 mean, and approaching record highs set in 2016” (Maybe 2016 was not the record temperature year, but if I were an Alarmist I wouldn’t let a little thing like fact-checking get in the way of a good headline)

    Out of interest, does Danmark Meteorologiske Institut have temperatures later than 2002, and does it have the figures for individual years? The Mean does not convey any feeling of which way the trend is moving – maybe it was a lot colder in 1958 and a lot warmer in 2002; (or vice versa); just looking at the Mean will not tell us that.

    On a separate matter, as I’ve said before, I’ll be happy to send you money via Patreon but not via Paypal (which I don’t trust). Getting a Patreon service shouldn’t be too hard.

    • Clive Horridge says:

      Hi Tony, I too would like to support your Patreon but for some unknown reason PayPal (who is no pal of mine) has “permanently suspended” my account which includes refusing to accept any of my (3) cards details. It’s bloody annoying that PayPal can do this when I’ve not defaulted and they don’t answer my requests for them to sort this out.
      Is there no way to support your Patreon by means of a direct internet bank transfer?

    • spike55 says:

      A good idea of what has happened to Arctic temperatures this decade.

      NOTHING except the big 2015/16 El nino spike almost all gone now.

  12. Jim Hunt says:

    Santa saw you coming Tony:

  13. Caleb Shaw says:


    Bad timing, as the DMI graph spiked up just after you posted. (Amazxing how often that seems to happen.) However the reasons for the spike are interesting.

    Some amazing storms have churned the north Atlantic this past winter. The most recent, which was able to persist (though weakening) up towards the Pole, brought the “spike” north. It was a storm which had the third lowest pressure ever recorded by a North Atlantic non-hurricane. It was preceded by a super-gale that gave Iceland winds of over a hundred miles an hour.

    One things these huge storms have done, both on the Atlantic and Pacific side, is to significantly chill the northern waters. The so-called “warm blob” on the Pacific Side is nearly gone. This is messing up a lot of long-term forecasts, and I’m watching to see if ity slows the melt of sea-ice this summer.

    If you don’t mind the way I ramble, I post on it here:

  14. Bob G. says:

    Hey Tony, if you watched the debate last night, you heard one of the panelists, the local one from Vegas, he claimed that Las Vegas and Reno are now warmer than in the past and he didn’t like it that hot so he asked the Democrat candidates what they were going to do about it. LMAO!! I’m sure they will get right on that! Maybe some pins in a Voo Doo Doll might do the trick. LOL. Tony do you have any long term temp records for Vegas and Reno? In central Minnesota we have not had a top ten hot summer since 1988.

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