All The Fake News That Is Unfit To Print

Postcards From Milder Winters, Recent and Future – The New York Times

Autumn snow cover has increased to record levels.

 NorAm Fall

Winter snow cover has increased for fifty years.

NorAm Winter

Spring snow cover has been above average for eight of the past 12 years.

NorAm Spring

We are getting slammed with snow again this year, and having record ski season after record ski season.

Ski season used to be four months, now it is eight months.

California’s three snowiest winters were 2011, 2017 and 2019.

The first day of summer 2019, west of Boulder.

We had 39 snow days in Boulder last year, second highest on record.

There has been no change in the length of the snow season.


The first day of 2019, northeast of Phoenix.

The global warming lies go on endlessly from the press, as they look for new ways to censor anyone telling the truth.

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17 Responses to All The Fake News That Is Unfit To Print

  1. Dave N says:

    People just won’t know what the f*ck they’re talking about when it comes to snow…

    One thing that’s more amusing now is the self-destructing demoncrats debating themselves into oblivion. It’s like a car crash that you can’t just look away from. Extremely hilarious if you’re not a liberal

  2. G W Smith says:

    Thanks, Tony! Their dishonesty is mind-blowing!

  3. Johansen says:

    NYT losing money. Owned by a drug dealer whose fortune depends on a stupid dumbed-down American readership. They reported $5 million earnings on $1.6 billion revenue. That’s 0.0% profit.

  4. Sonny Thorgren says:

    Dont give up, Tony! Truth is all, no matter what happens.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I suspect spring snowcover is falling because of farming practice. When farmers plow their land in spring they are turning a white landscape into a brown one. That would increase local temperature, rather like UHIE does.

    So as more farmland is brought into production you get less spring snowcover because the snow is being ploughed in.

    One thing that has occurred is the rise of corn for ethanol – giving a large subsidized market and an incentive to plant on more marginal land.

  6. gregole says:

    Tony’s catching them red handed. New York Times. Liars.

    Just checking stuff out on You-Tube I’m subjected to Bloomberg ads. He’s really pushing the fake narrative on MannMade Climate Change. Of all the candidates, for some reason, I find him the most repulsive, except maybe Pocahontas. She’s vile. All the dems are pushing the fraud hook, line and sinker.

    Sad thing.

  7. Steven Parker says:

    I saw an article yesterday explaining that the mild winter this year across much of the country is due to the polar vortex being remarkably strong this year. I thought global warming weaked the polar vortex. So confusing.

  8. Tomb says:

    Thank you for your posts
    “Predictions” are always 10 years out ,so most people don’t remember them

  9. Tommy says:

    It’s so obvious and so stupid once you see it, but this NYT piece is an A+ example.

    1) They substitute predictions for observations
    2) When they do show observations, they start their series in the 70s, which of course was an unusually cold era

    How do people fall for this stuff?

  10. Winston says:

    It occurs to me, having read Tony’s daily posts for a couple years now, that what Tony is really exposing is dishonest, poorly-researched, sensational, alarmist journalism. Yes, there are the scientists who are pushing this agenda as well, but if you look through Tony’s posts and videos, they are almost entirely based on media outlet opinion pieces and articles that may or may not cite external studies and findings.

    Tony is exposing a feedback loop wherein the media generates alarm, which funds AGW scientists, which fuels further sensational articles about imminent doom in the media, which funds more research into our imminent doom…ad infinitum. Sadly, Tony’s work is only effective on the individual level; there’s no way “Real Climate Science” could ever stem this tide of alarmism (I’m not suggesting that’s Tony’s goal). What will stem this tide, however, are undeniable climatic trends that contradict the warmists’ theories and predictions.

    This is why I believe the most potent strategy right now is to force the warmists into making public, near-term predictions about sea level change and polar ice extent. Put them on the record, and then use a very public “scoreboard” to keep the focus on these predictions. Either these people are right or they’re wrong. Tony does some of this with the Chartic sea ice extent posts, but he’s doing so without the benefit of forcing the “97%” of climate scientists on the public record with actual predictions; all we have now are implied predictions of receding ice and rising sea levels. We need a near-term scoreboard, not this rolling 30-year prediction of doom. Doom is always 30 years out if you don’t have a scoreboard. Tony, you’ve been engaging with these people on Twitter/Facebook, you try to get them to debate you; that isn’t working. Try forcing them into making some near-term predictions.

    • Vegieman says:

      “Tony is exposing a feedback loop wherein the media generates alarm, which funds AGW scientists, which fuels further sensational articles about imminent doom in the media, which funds more research into our imminent doom…ad infinitum. ”

      Nicely stated.

      “Tony’s work is only effective on the individual level”

      Thus we must rise to the occasion and speak.

  11. Miltonian says:


    I would love to see your take on the recent “research” published by the USGS in which they claim the Colorado River is drying up due to climate change (e.g., From a lay-person’s perspective with the two back-to-back epic winters we’re having in the Colorado mountains, these seems to be far-fetched.

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