“Democratic Socialism”

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  1. G W Smith says:

    As long as the magic word “democratic” is used the lefties will go gaga for it. Democratic Property Rights, Democratic Association, Democratic Justice, etc. It’s the all-purpose weasel word.

  2. Wins says:

    People are wondering about the story regarding the Mer De Galce (Sea of Ice) glacier

    A response to that alarmism would be very helpful and interesting. Thnk you

  3. czechlist says:

    All of my grandparents escaped from the Autro-Hungarian Empire. Although they were young they recalled the oppression and their parents were constant reminders. During the depression they told my parents how fortunate they were to be in America. My parents survived the depression / WWII era and warned us how bad it can get. Few of them remain to remind us.
    An optimistic socialist named Eric Blair went to fight the Fascists during the Spanish civil war. He found tbat socialism quickly becomes Communism.
    He wrote books about it under the name Orwell.

  4. Keith A Brandt says:

    All “Democratic Socialism” means is that you get to vote for who’ll take your money.

  5. Dave UK says:

    Don’t let ‘Democratic Socialism’ take over the USA. Just ask anyone who lived in eastern Europe during the cold war years what it was like. People used to get blown up by anti personnel mines and SHOT for trying to flee the Eastern bloc countries.
    Ronald Reagan said “If fascism comes to America, it will be in the form of liberalism”.
    It looks like Canada is going down the fascist road already. With the Canadian government wanting to ‘licence’ websites as ‘suitable’ or ‘Unsuitable’ for public consumption, and blocking the ones they dont like. (This has been mentioned) The Canadian government don’t like news agencies that they deem ‘extreme’ like Rebel news – which could end up being closed down if the Canadian government get their way. Imagine it, a Canada or USA in which – Like China, the internet is blocked unless it is government approved. Great fun!

  6. Gary Seymour says:

    If you think “German Democratic Republic” means that East Germany was either a republic, democratic, or socialistic, then I have some oceanfront property in Colorado to sell you. It was a puppet of the USSR, goods were not equally shared by all, and the government was totalitarian. Quite the opposite of democratic socialism.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Another one of those idiotic “real socialism has never been tried” arguments.

      • Gator says:

        I find it hilarious that nearly every “progressive” I have ever met, has no clue to what they are progressing. Gary included.

        • Colorado Wellington says:

          Nearly everyone is my personal experience with the typical nice Colorado “progressive”.

          The remaining few with a clearly defined “progressive” vision are the same sociopaths as 100 years ago.

  7. GL says:

    and yet, just this week, Joe Biden’s big, big advantage over Bernie (according toDon Lemon and Joe on CNN), “Bernie can’t win because he’s a democratic socialist and that just doesn’t work in this country. I’m the candidate who can win.”

    Yeah, sorry Joe but no, you can’t. The only thing he’s right about is that the media has been denying all week. Bernie is a die-hard, Marxian Socialist who is just as much as idealogue as the Left wold love to believe every Christian preacher to be. Socialism is a religion with a sick and twisted history.

    check out these headlines: https://i.ibb.co/Kzfbmjp/bernie-is-not-socialist.jpg

    here are the source articles



    and Bernie-splainers on Quora:


  8. bob says:

    dude you have a great site but you art losing it if you think East Germany was democratic or socialist! C’mon- you are better than that. Think Sweden, Norway, Finland, even partly Canada- bash them- but if you use Venezuela whose finances are block by the US or North Korea- it’s time for a checkup!

  9. rah says:

    So the democrat field includes a communist (Sanders) and a democrat Socialist fake injun, and thus the press labels the rest of their pathetic field, including a white, heterosexual, male, multibillionaire Oligarch who uses his wealth to buy AGs, and now to try to buy the presidency, “moderates”. That is really funny. A guy that in NYC outlawed the sale of 32 oz. softdrinks a “moderate”. Who do the morons in the press think they’re kidding?

    BTW notice how the left loved walls, fences, and mine fields covered by machine guns back then?

  10. rah says:

    A truckers report on the weather and US economy.
    This winter so far has not been a bad one for me. I am actually quite thankful that despite trips to Nebraska, Northern Wisconsin, Iowa, and Mississauga, ON I have not had to deal with the severe arctic cold or blizzard conditions like I did last year a couple times. Some of it has been luck of the drawl of course.

    Three times I have had to deal with old man winter on the roads so far. The worst was last week when I departed for a team run up to Seward, NE. Freezing rain had been coming down for hours before we departed. It took the first driving shift. The freezing rain continued until I made it Champaign, IL on I-74 where it turned to sleet for a short time and then to snow. Did not drive out of the snow until about 30 miles past Peoria. Despite dealing with slow traffic due to poor road conditions for the first 200 miles of the trip I managed to get us to Council Bluffs, IA before I ran out of drive time. After delivery in Seward we went back to Peoria where we relayed trailers and took the new trailer back to Seward. Then we headed home to Anderson, IN. My team partner had to deal with some flurries, some pretty heavy, the last 300 miles.

    I worked both my days off this week. Got in from a refer load of Nestles product to Jack & Jill Ice Cream in Columbia, MD Saturday at 14:30 and already have been assigned another Nestles load that I deliver at 01:00 Monday morning in Bloomington, IN. No bad weather on the trip to and from MD. But what I noticed is that on Saturday on the way back the truck traffic was every bit as heavy as it would be on a normal weekday. When the trucks are moving like that, the economy is humming.

  11. Dave says:

    Flag symbol looks Masonic

  12. S.K. Dodsland says:

    You may be surprised how a one-sided democracy is a step towards a monarchy and possibly a socialist regime.

    America’s founding fathers attempted to protect future generations from a tyrannical democracy by way of the Bill of Rights and the Electoral College and the other amendments.

    Not once was the term democracy used in the creation of America.

    A representative republic may be a more accurate description of America but definitely not a a democratic socialist regime whatever that is.


  13. Tel says:

    Well the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea must be a democracy … you can just ask them.

  14. David of Aussie says:

    latest essay from Howell Woltz
    From the International Centre for Justice


  15. Mikkel Kaastrup says:

    Guys, Congo is officially called the “Democratic Republic of Congo”, so determined by its original dictator Laurent-Désiré Kabila, in 1997. (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democratic_Republic_of_the_Congo). There have never been any free elections in this country. I think it’s important to recognize that a country’s leader may say whatever he wants about the system of that country (like the “climate scientists may say whatever they want about the climate), but that it is the actual workings of that state (or of the climate) that determines if it is a democracy or not. Even if I live in Denmark, I can still enjoy Tony’s excellent videos, and as a matter of fact a large number of Germans fled to Denmark during the time East Germany (DDR) was still “a socialist democracy”, so we are well aware of how THAT worked. Although I am opposed to monarchies for reasons of principle, many European countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Holland, England, Spain, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, the papal state) are still monarchies or ruled by an autocrat or a prince, yet most of them are in fact well functioning democracies – better functioning, for instance, than the United States because of your terrible system for electing the president indirectly and by representatives elected by a majority in small geographical districts.
    Many thoughtful Europeans (I include myself here) are supporters of a certain element of socialism (the term being ill defined, but for me just meaning a democracy with a strong element of social and economic justice). But this is certainly not going to come about by voting for the American democratic party today. Now, Bernie Sanders actually appears to me like a traditional, European socialist, and I happen to agree with a number of his views (not all, of course), but his stance on “Climate science” etc. is horrendous, and shows that he is mentally unfit to hold a public office. So do the views on “Climate change/science” of many other prominent Demoracrats. So it is to be hoped that the next president of the U.S.A. is NOT a member of the Democratic Party, and despite my several disagreements with Donald Trump, he actually appears to be the best Republican candidate. As Tony Heller writes, reversing EPA’s definition of CO2 as a pollutant is quite important politically – I’m still reeling over what I’ve learnt about Barack Obamas “Climate policy”; the guy is well liked in Europe, but his actions in this regard are not acceptable – in fact I consider them a crime against the American people.

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