Muskrat Love

I was out walking the dogs around midnight, and heard this horrific screaming by the pond. Then I saw the owl.  Looks to me like he had muskrat for dinner tonight.

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  1. Joel O'Bryan says:

    Great Horned owl.
    I have one that inhabits my big Palm Tree and leaves me with Owl pellets. Owl pellets are a regurgitation of a fur-bone ball remnants of a packrat, etc. at the base of the tree.

    That owl is big enough to carry off Toto.

  2. Steve Case says:

    Poor muskrat – Here’s a photo of a poor duck or what remains were left and the harrier hawk that got her in our back yard a few years ago:

    • Gator says:

      I had a pair of harriers hunting my property yesterday, practically wingtip to wingtip. I usually see them hunting solo, so that was a real treat.

      I don’t understand people who get bored. But then I don’t live in the city either.

  3. Ian Tolley says:

    Great photos. I always think this is one of the psychological hang-ups of lots of Extinction Rebellion and similar folk: they won’t accept that life has its not-very-nice side. They are terrified of death, and all that fear gets projected onto some made-up doll to stick pins into, like anthropogenic global warming.

  4. Emslander says:

    Up until a couple of years ago, we lived in a home deep in the forest. There were numerous natural dramas playing out there nearly every day and night. One brightly moonlit night I heard a hoot owl just outside my window screen. Then, some distance away, I heard a second owl hooting. They called and answered about five times and then I heard the scream of some furry creature on the ground that had been flushed out into the vision of the birds. It took about twenty seconds for the screaming to fade out. The owls had frightened, cornered and made a meal of the unfortunate creature.

  5. Bill says:

    OT: I saw your tweet about rich people spreading the rumor that the seas are rising, then snapping up those coastal properties. See this article

    This has long been my theory about Puerto Rico, that they’re (THEY) are letting it go to pot and become as decrepit as possible due to rising seas and climate change-based extreme weather before swooping in and buying as much of it as possible. The guy in this article is only one of several making investments. PR has a beautiful climate and setting much of the time, and is just an hour ahead of the East Coast.

  6. kzvx says:

    Owls are wonderful to see in the wild. How many do we lose annually to those bloody awful wind farms?

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