NOAA/BOM Data Tampering Update

Last year tied with 1912 for second coolest year on record in the US.

After data tampering by NOAA, it became the 54th warmest.

Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

Jo Nova reports on BOM doing the same thing in Australia.

ACORN adjustments robbed Marble Bar of its legendary world record. Death Valley now longest hottest place « JoNova

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10 Responses to NOAA/BOM Data Tampering Update

  1. windlord-sun says:

    My examination of the same data agrees with Tony. 2019 TMAX second lowest, but I found 1993 to be the lowest. That is trivial…the hot topic is: temp is falling! Now!

    Diverging …
    Examining the “official” TMAX records from NOAA, ghcnd_all
    Looking at 35 Million data points …
    % of missing/redacted records is up, number of daily readings is down.

    Here’s my graph

    Would welcome anyone to cross check my work

    • windlord-sun says:

      Tony, or anyone ….

      1)Does NOAA actually change incoming readings? Or do they mark the ones they don’t like -9999?| When NOAA feels the need to adjust a reading, what is the difference between setting it to -9999 versus actually changing the reading?

      2) For both redacted/missing (-9999) readings, are the actual raw incoming untouched recordings available anywhere? (or are they ‘disappeared’ from public eye?)

      Thank you

  2. Winston says:

    Tony – Here’s what I don’t get: you’ve explained how the warmists cool the past, and they have their reasons, founded or not. However, the raw data in your post shows an approximate average daily high of 63.6 F, whereas the jiggered NOAA data shows 64.1, about 0.5F higher. What, exactly, is their reasoning for not using the raw data from *last year*? Surely whatever inaccuracies in temperature measurement have been ironed out by now, so why adjust 2019 data? Inquiring minds want to know what their stated reason for not using the raw data is.


  3. E.Martin says:

    Are they manufacturing all this phony warming for free? Are they being paid off and if so, by who?

  4. jb says:

    I wish you could get on Tucker Carslon’s show and show these charts.

  5. Jimbo says:

    Posted Westpac’s article on climate scam investment

    check out the NOAA graphs!!!!

  6. CheshireRed says:

    After all this time why aren’t these people being held to account?
    Where’s the under-oath court questioning?
    Where’s the data watchdog investigations?
    Where’s the respective presidents or prime ministers ordering full-scale investigations?
    Where’s the privately-funded writs or prosecutions?

    It’s staggering that they’re being allowed to get away with such fraud. The senior officials behind these adjustments deserve to be in jail as this has long-since ceased to be just a political game.

  7. JCalvertN(UK) says:

    Blatant cooling of the past . . .
    FWIW: Marble Bar ACORN minus Raw – see below.

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