Controlling People – Not The Climate

The purpose of the Green New Deal and climate alarmism in general, is to control and restrict the freedom of people. It has nothing to do with Polar Bears or the climate.

Heathrow third runway ruled illegal over climate change | Environment | The Guardian

It has been that way since day one of this scam.

26 Jan 1989 – Call for anti-greenhouse action – Trove

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21 Responses to Controlling People – Not The Climate

  1. Robertv says:

    Time to move to Antarctica .

    Coronavirus on every continent except Antarctica

    To control and restrict the freedom of people is easy

  2. British Runways were a major pain in the derriere to Vichy France and sensitive, concerned and aware Anschlussed European National Socialism back when the European Union was praised as the Third Reich. So sure, one can see how global warmunism resents those runways.

  3. Robert Gipson says:

    Susan J. Crockford is a scientist who has studied polar bears for years, and she now writes for the Global Warming Policy Forum. That is, she’s in the belly of the beast. But by some miracle, her recent report (excerpt below) on the polar bear managed to slip through the cracks.

    • Despite repeated claims that the Southern Beaufort subpopulation
    is declining and nutritionally stressed, a summer survey of the
    coast of Alaska in 2019 documented 31 fat healthy polar bears onshore
    in July, compared to only three in 2017, when sea ice retreat had
    been similarly early.
    • Contrary to expectations, in 2019 freeze-up of sea ice in Western
    Hudson Bay came as early in the autumn as it did in the 1980s
    (for the third year in a row) and sea ice breakup in spring was like the
    1980s as well, with the result that polar bears onshore were in excellent
    • If the public are to take seriously repeated claims of harm to
    polar bear health and survival due to climate change, data collected
    since 2004 on cub survival and weights of female polar bears in Western
    Hudson Bay must be made available: it has now been more than
    25 years since the last publication of such data, and polar bear specialists
    continue to cite decades-old figures to support their statements
    that lack of sea ice is causing declines in body condition and population
    • Since polar bear researchers acknowledge that there has been
    no negative trend in either freeze-up or breakup dates for sea ice in
    Western Hudson Bay since at least 2001, the failure to report current data on cub survival and weights of female bears suggests that body
    condition and cub survival have not declined over the last two decades
    as claimed.
    • Two separate incidents at opposite ends of the Russian Arctic
    at the beginning and the end of 2019 made this the year of the polar
    bear ‘invasion’. Belushya Guba in the Barents Sea over the winter
    of 2018/2019 and Ryrkaypiy, Chukotka in December 2019 were each
    besieged by more than 50 bears, which terrified local residents. Although
    tragedy was ultimately averted, this is likely to be an on-going
    problem for Arctic settlements in the future: not because there is not
    enough sea ice but because there are now so many polar bears roaming
    Arctic coastlines.

  4. EdB says:

    Sea level projection sure was a big fail. I wonder if they bothered to calculate how much EXTRA heat would be required to melt all that ice on Greenland or Antarctica to produce such a rise. No way, it was just an alarmist conjecture.

  5. Steve Case says:

    The purpose of the Green New Deal and climate alarmism in general, is to control and restrict the freedom of people. It has nothing to do with Polar Bears or the climate – Tony Heller

    Climate change policies aren’t meant to control the climate, they’re meant to control you – Paul Joseph Watson

    I’m guessing those two aren’t the only quotes expressing that sentiment.

  6. Reg Cole says:

    Such BS! How can these liars be taken to court to force them to provide proof of their claims?

  7. Crispin in Waterloo says:

    “For the first time, a court has confirmed that the Paris agreement temperature goal has binding effect.”

    Voluntary targets are not binding. The Paris Agreement contains no binding targets. Any doubts? Read the document.

    The failed Copenhagen Agreement did have binding targets – to create an unanswerable bureaucracy that had compulsory funding of $100 billion per year to distribute. Members of the national level of that bureaucracy, resident in each country, had to be approved by the international body which was to be comprised of alarmists. They would be un-removable due to their expertise and answered only to themselves. They would have a pope-like veto over the appointment of climate bishops in each country, who could also not be removed from their posts by the national governments once approved.

    Any doubts? Read the document. See how they plan to run your life while skipping that outdated democratic vote part of institutional progress.

  8. Aussie says:

    All of this over an unproven theory…
    With the 3rd runway why are the airlines and tourist operators not jumping up and down on this one?

    Trouble is that “climate change” would be used to silence them, after all we are not allowed to question it.

    Boris Johnsons govt have declared their allegiance to the cause and over time will rue the day they did as development after development is cancelled or banned. Think of it;

    No new petrol stations
    No refinery upgrades or extensions (even if the diesel is desperately needed for generators)
    No new coal mines, even if for steel
    No cement kilns as they emit large volumes of CO2 (regardless that we need the cement)
    No coal fired power stations and no gas fired power (even if the latter is needed to provide backup to the unreliable renewables)
    No new gas or oil development (NZ have done this and gas prices shot up immediately) and restrictions on output of current developments
    Bans or limits on agricultural equipment

    Welcome to the new world. As Tony shows, its here now and people have no idea how disasterously it will impact daily life… China will have the last laugh as they will have nothing of this and the West will have been dealt a body blow, and temperatures will be much the same as ever.

  9. Hugo Vereeken says:

    Please send me information about the climate scam and any new scientific findings to counter it.

  10. paul courtney says:

    Mr. Heller: Thanks again for your fine work opposing this economic suicide pact known as AGW. Unfortunately for England, the courts are taking more authority than they have, and unless they are restrained by the people, English courts will make damn sure democracy does not impinge on “proper” government.

  11. G W Smith says:

    We need you more than ever, Tony. Keep it up!

  12. arn says:

    As soon as Global Warming Scam starter
    the Ozon Hole Mafia joined the show
    and claimed that the ozon smog(yeah,a new ‘problem’ that needs ‘experts’ and tax payer money) will increase world temperstures by 1 degree.

    The same ozon that must not be destroyed as it absorbes high energtic UV light did a 180 and has become a heattrap in the lower atmosphere.
    At the same time the massive increase in lower atmosphere ozon
    that is being constantly produced in our atmosphere
    somehow failed to absorb the tiny amount of CFC
    that gets released
    so that picky CFC(i only destroy high altitude ozon) can travel thousands of miles to the arctic and destroy the ozon layer there(instead of the ozon layer that is directly above the place where CFC’s are released)
    And not just that.CFC’s are much heavier than air.
    But they don’t give and still fly to the top,
    while the much lighter than CFC remains at low altitude instead of travelling to the poles and fix the hole(the IQ and travelling skills of CFC’s seems to be far more superior than the ones of Ozon)

  13. rah says:

    They do it slowly and not just through government. Here is an example. Long article but worth a read,

  14. rah says:

    I’ll tell you one thing. They sure a hell aren’t controlling this economy. It’s going gangbusters! This trucker has had 6 overtime days in 4 weeks with more coming. Truck drivers don’t need economic numbers to get a handle on the state of the economy. The traffic and their loads tell the tale.

    Team drove last week and will be doing so again this week. Load of parts from Anderson, IN to a warehouse right on the Mexican border in Nogales, AZ. The place was actually just south of the US Border Patrol check station but still in the US.

    Backhaul picked for Roche Labs in Tucson and delivered to two different Roche facilities in Indianapolis. Split refer load having two different temperature settings with separate front and rear refer units. Front half with reagents and special slides set at 41 F and the back half with sensitive and I’m sure very expensive diagnostic equipment at 68 F. Balky front refer unit gave us problems the whole way and the temperature in New Mexico got down to 17 F during the early night/early morning hours as I was approached Tucumcari to catch US 54 and head northeast. Apparently made it without damage to the cargo because if there was a problem we sure would have heard about it by now. But it was a real pain to keep that cargo within the tight temperature ranges with the refer unit acting up. Stopping to get the problem fixed would mean turning the units off so we fought it the whole way pulling up on ramps to restart the front unit when it would not restart on it’s own every hour or so.

    Next load was Lear/Penske from Indianapolis to Laredo, TX and the another load of the same from Laredo back to Indy.

    Truck traffic and traffic in general is just brutal. So many more people on the roads compared to just three or four years ago. Even when I took over to drive at 03:00 fifty miles west of Texarkana on the way home the traffic the whole way was like it was a regular weekday.

    Of course that isn’t helping anyone’s 401k’s right now but I’m just letting you know that no matter what the stock market is doing the real economy is booming like I have never seen it. And as long as it is the left and their climate change ploy to dominate and control every aspect of our lives has about as much chance as Bernie becoming POTUS.

  15. rah says:

    Sorry! Forgot the link in my comment above.
    “National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s Betrayal of Its Own Industry”

  16. rah says:

    It has always been about control of the people and has nothing to do with climate change or the environment.
    The same people that claim to believe that climate change is coming to kill us all are by and large the same people that support (feel free to add to the list):
    1. “Gun control” or even eliminating the 2nd amendment altogether.
    2. Elimination of the electoral college.
    3. Government control of health care.
    4. Total government control of all land and water use.
    5. Demanded the government take over student loans and now want the tax payers to pay for forgiving those loans and foot the bill for “higher” education.

  17. Alan Wheatstone says:

    thank you Tony for the clip of Jan 1989, with Shridath Ramphal talking of “global warming” and “controlling CO2 emissions” and all the things we hear about today.

    I had understood that James Hansen had largely propelled (or even invented) “global warming” in June 1988? speaking to the US Congress?

    That six months later a Commonwealth figure talked all of this; seems surely to suggest that these ideas had been kicked around a lot; before surfacing in 1988 to Jan 89? How many were then in this secret club?!!

    • Phil. says:

      The first use of ‘global warming’ was by geochemist Wallace Broecker in 1975, next used by the Charney report in 1979.

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