Restoring The Safe Climate Of 1927

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  1. Steve G says:

    Just listening to the BBC news, we’ve had some heavy rain for a few days in the UK, however, to hear the BBC you’d think the entire country was knee deep in water with bodies floating past too common to notice.

    There are some towns flooded – towns on rivers – but you’d never know it was only a few places if you just listened to the BBC. The soil is saturated after a wet few weeks, so the heavy rain has caused flooding as it has runoff immediately. Nothing to do with CO2.

    They managed to squeeze ‘deluge never been seen before’, ‘climate emergency’, ‘this can’t be a coincidence’ [referring to rainy period, followed by “Storm Dennis”] into a few minutes of their report.

    They also impartially prompted the Met Office interviewee to declare this was ‘a one in every ten years’ event. To her credit she declined, though did say it was unusual. I think we can safely say she won’t be interviewed on the BBC again!

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