She Did The Best She Could!

No one can say that Nancy Pelosi didn’t try her hardest to upset progress over the past year.

06 Feb 2019, A1 – The Brownsville Herald at

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9 Responses to She Did The Best She Could!

  1. Dave N says:

    Sea levels are bound to rise now, just from liberal tears

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    At terrible cost!

    Pelosi Suffers Multiple Strains, Fractures While Ripping Up Trump’s Speech*

    The trials that Democrats go through to save the world, from things that the world doesn’t need to be save from, are legendary!

    (* The Bee, of course)

  3. Steve Case says:

    The Herald wants me to register and pay money to read the link. No gonna happen amigo.

  4. GeologyJim says:

    What a difference a year makes!

    Doubtless Trump recalls that handshake – and all the sincere goodwill it brought. /sarc

  5. Russell Cook says:

    Meanwhile, Rep Pelosi’s act of tearing up the speech was a spontaneous act? Not so much, it turns out.

  6. Chris says:

    Sometimes we have to be tolerant of retarded individuals.
    Sometimes not.

  7. Raj says:

    I don’t understand the purpose of politically partisan posts like this one. It really detracts from the credibility of the other information on this website. Critical thinking and tribal allegiances usually don’t mix well.

  8. Zane Sturm says:


  9. John Sutcliffe says:

    I suspect the people will work out the stupidity in November, would the GOP be silly enough to follow the democrats destruction should they get elected.

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